Archived 2009 Announcements grouped by subject listed by title and date. Links are PDF files.
Forms Date
Release of new versions of the CG-719K and CG-719K/E forms 10/30/2009
719B Rev (3/04) REMAINS VALID 08/05/2009
Draft version of physical exam forms mistakenly posted on the internet 03/20/2009
MMC Date
Actions to Reduce Mariner Credentialing Process Time 06/29/2009
Important Information posting of the New Credential aboard a vessel 06/2009
MMC Booklet 000000001 Issued to Ms. Jessica Dennis 05/07/2009
Importance of Using of the Mariner's Reference Number. 04/14/2009
TWIC and MCC Announcements 04/07/2009
NMC Date
New Search Feature on NMC’s Website 10/27/2009
Merchant Mariner Credential Verification Tool (MMCV) 07/23/2009
Entry level success story 06/28/2009
NMC is Experiencing Exceptionally High Call Volume! 04/06/2009
Mariners Come First 01/09/2009
Professional Qualifications Date
Information for Mariners Regarding VSO Training and Certification. 06/19/2009
Public Relations Date
New Merchant Mariner Medical Advisory Committee 06/10/2009
2009 National Maritime Day proclamation by President Obama 05/22/2009
REC Date
Submission of MMC application to REC's through e-mail 12/10/2009
Update – Mailing Applications to RECs & Pay.Gov User Fee Payment 06/26/2009
How to avoid delays related to TWIC 07/31/2009
TWIC and MCC announcements 04/07/2009
TWIC information bulletin - 13 February, 2009 02/12/2009