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MWR Internship, Kodiak, Alaska

DESCRIPTION:  U. S. Coast Guard Base Kodiak is located on the north end of Kodiak Island in the Gulf of Alaska, 7 miles from the city of Kodiak and 1.5 miles from the commercial airport.  A full MWR program is located on Kodiak with 14 facilities, including: Tsunami Lanes Bowling Center, Northern Lights Fitness Facility with cardio/exercise rooms, Bear Valley 9-hole golf course, Auto Hobby shop, Boat House, Teen Center, Movie Theater, indoor Golf Simulators, Guest House, RV Camping area, Child Development Center, and Food Service Facilities (Pizza Parlor and Golden Anchor Sports Pub).  Interns can expect to gain operational and programming experience in a number of these MWR facilities, and spend time with the Base Kodiak MWR management team learning administrative functions required to operate a large MWR Program.  Visit their web site at for more program and facility information.  Interns are highly encouraged to bring a laptop if you have one to maximize your internship experience.  Free internet access is available at multiple MWR facilities including the MWR office.

DESIRED QUALIFICATIONS:  Kodiak MWR seeks interns with interest in the MWR profession to gain practical experience in any of the established facilities or programs.  Must be a student in good standing pursuing an undergraduate/graduate degree in recreation or other MWR-related field and identified as such by an institution of higher learning having an affiliation agreement with the Coast Guard.  Must possess a valid Driver's License.

SUPERVISOR/MENTOR QUALIFICATIONS:  Intern(s) will be introduced to the team of MWR professionals at Base Kodiak MWR.  The MWR management team has over 70 years of combined experience within the recreation profession.  Team members include:

Mr. Richard Carman, MWR Director, has over 30 years of experience in the recreation field, spending 9 years with civilian community recreation before the transition to Coast Guard MWR in 1992 as Recreation Specialist , Youth Activities.  Mr. Carman has worked at two Coast Guard Bases, Kodiak, Alaska, and Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  He is a Certified Parks and Recreation Professional through the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) and maintains Certified Aquatics Facility Operator and Certified Playground Safety Inspector certifications with NRPA.  Mr. Carman is currently serving on the Armed Forces Recreation Network and is the military representative to the NRPA National Certification Board.

Ms. Linda Pena, Business Section Chief, is primary contact for Kodiak MWR interns and has over 22 years of experience working for the Coast Guard and 11 years in MWR.  Ms. Pena manages the MWR Category C facilities including the Guest House, RV Park, Pizza Parlor, Golden Anchor Sports Pub, Catering, and Bear Valley Golf Course. She oversees an annual appropriated fund budget of $250K and nonappropriated fund budget of $1.7M.  Mr. Pena actively works commercial sponsorship for MWR events, community USO Shows, and has accomplished many renovation projects to improve the Category C facilities. 

Ms. Rachael Dyer, Community Support Section Chief, has over 25 years of experience in the recreation field.  Ms. Dyer worked for the local Parks and Recreation Department prior to her MWR career with Kodiak MWR starting in 1996.  She started in MWR with aquatics, before moving on to the Athletic Director and Community Support Section Chief with oversight of all adult athletic and youth activities staff, programs, and facilities.

HOUSING:  Housing may be provided in the MWR Guest House.  The Guest House is a non-smoking facility and pets are not allowed.  Students will coordinate housing with the Kodiak MWR once accepted.

MEALS:  MWR will provide meals consumed at the Base Galley.  The Galley serves 2 cafeteria style meals (breakfast and lunch) per day.  A box dinner is also available.  Students will coordinate meals with the Kodiak MWR once accepted.

PAY:  Pay at local minimum wage will be provided.

TRAVEL:  Travel to and from the internship is the responsibility of the student.  Arrangements may be made for pick up at the airport by contacting Kodiak MWR prior to arrival.  Contact information will be provided to the student once selected for the internship.  If student elects to drive, the route to Kodiak is approximately 5-6 days from Seattle with an additional 10 hour ferry ride from Homer to Kodiak.  Air travel is recommended.

AVAILABILITY:  Two intern positions are open for 12 to 16 weeks in duration (Depending on school requirements), May to September. Pending selection, internship duration can be negotiated.

TO APPLY:  The deadline to apply is 4 months prior to start date of the internship.  Planning ahead is most important especially if we need to establish an affiliation agreement with your university.  Send your resume with cover letter (include locations of interest and desired semester on cover), official transcripts, and letter of recommendation to:

US Coast Guard

Community Services Command

MWR Attn: Robert Davis

510 Independence Parkway, Suite 500

Chesapeake, VA  23320


For further information about MWR internships contact,  Robert.L.Davis@USCG.MIL

Last Modified 1/12/2016