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Coast Guard Foundation Shipmate Fund

The Coast Guard Foundation approves Shipmate Fund selections.  Below is a link to the 2016 Shipmate Fund Template that you must download for use. In order to present the most accurate needs of Coast Guards units, the Coast Guard Foundation is requesting the Coast Guard provide a new refreshed list of Shipmate Fund items. Submissions must be made using the spreadsheet template format found at the link below. Units must download the template and save the spreadsheet before filling out Columns B through H. Place the quantity in Column K. Any previous Shipmate Fund requests not funded through the development of the list generated in 2014 must be submitted anew if the unit still desires it. Requests should be limited to items not categorized as critical to Coast Guard operations or support. Shipmate funding is not an alternative funding source for required infrastructure, safety, or mission related material or equipment. Requests should focus on physical fitness, morale, and recreational equipment needs of Coast Guard commands.  Limit requests to items between $250 and $10,000. Requests for construction, services, and memberships will not be considered. The maximum amount of requests a unit may submit will be limited to two. Each request must contain a brief proposal of what the unit intends to purchase. Requests for motorized MWR boats will not be entertained. Small people powered craft such as kayaks, paddleboats, etc. will be considered. Base commanding officers will receive, consolidate, and prioritize requests, from all Coast Guard units in their area-of-support, including Sectors, Districts, and Area units and staffs, as well as DCMS, DCO, and HQ units and staffs.  Bases are expected to incorporate input from all interested commands to create a comprehensive, prioritized list for their AOR. Each Base will send one prioritized AOR spreadsheet, using the template provided, to the cognizant District Commander by 31 Sep 2015. District Commanders will review and adjust as necessary, and will forward one prioritized list for their AOR by 20 Oct 2015 to CWO2 Ray Eakes, Raymond.P.Eakes(at)  The Vice Commandant will review and approve the final list for submission to the Coast Guard Foundation.



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Last Modified 7/28/2015