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Los Angeles/Long Beach, California

"Commitment, Teammates, Resources, Mission"

MSST LA/LB in LA/LB Harbor

Maritime Safety & Security Team Los Angeles/Long Beach (MSST LA/LB) is an active duty Coast Guard unit commissioned in 2002 whose operational control resides with Coast Guard Pacific Area (PACAREA). Modeled after the Coast Guard’s Port Security Unit and Law Enforcement Detachment programs, MSST LA/LB offers a complimentary, non-redundant Coast Guard capability designed to close significant readiness gaps in our strategic ports. MSST LA/LB members are trained in Maritime Law Enforcement practices and policies enabling them to augment Coast Guard forces during major marine events, contingencies, and other Coast Guard law enforcement operations primarily in ports, harbors, internal waterways, and coastal regions. MSST LA/LB is ready to conduct operations without the need for supplemental training or additional outfitting through all maritime security levels. MSST LA/LB is organized into operations, logistics, planning, engineering and Reserve departments. The operations department consists of a Waterside Security division, a Maritime Law Enforcement and Force Protection Division (MLE/FP), Underwater Port Security Teams, and Canine Detection Team. Adaptive force packages, selected based on mission requirements, can be deployed within 12 hours to any location via air, land or sea.

Contact Information:


(310) 694-1684


(310) 521-4259

Postal address:

MSST LA/LB (91103)
1001 S. Seaside Ave.
San Pedro, CA 90731

Last Modified 1/11/2015