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Marine Patrol Officer Course - Tactical

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Radiation Detection Practical Exercise The Maritime Patrol Officers Course - Tactical (MPOC-T) is a two week course specifically designed to enhance the maritime operations of Federal, State and Local Marine Patrol Officers. Students will gain a basic understanding of how to conduct operations alongside the United States Coast Guard through exposure to tactical training, regulations and policies, and completion of the BUI Standardized Field Sobriety Testing, in addition to a myriad of other blocks of instruction.

Course Code

None assigned

Qualification Code

None assigned


10 training days over two weeks.


  • Boarding procedures
  • Vessel Papers, Hull identification Numbers, Federal Documentation & Licensing
  • Federal boating safety carriage requirements
  • Radiation Pagers, Meth Labs, Hazardous Situations & Confined Spaces
  • Coast Guard Use of Force Policy
  • Hand cuffing
  • Mock boardings
  • Pressure Points
  • Tactical Procedures
  • Basic Navigation
  • Less Than Lethal Technologies
  • Search & Rescue Execution
  • Boating Under the Influence Enforcement
  • Federal Firearms Law, Identification, Documentation
  • Advanced Water Survival Techniques, Performance Scenarios
  • Marine Theft Investigation
  • Boating Accident Investigation

Prerequisites for Attendance

Students should be state and local law enforcement officers with boating safety responsibilities.


All waivers must be approved by COMDT CG-54222. Please contact MPOC Manager.

How to Apply


The MPOC Manager from the Office of Boating Safety at Coast Guard Headquarters sends a letter to all BLA's announcing the dates of the MPOC classes. An application packet is mailed to all BLA's who in turn selects a candidate(s) and signs and returns the application to the course manager who will review all applications and determine the candidates who will attend the course. Selected candidates will receive, via the BLA, an acceptance letter and course info packet.

The course is always evolving, constantly being fine tuned to best meet the needs of the Marine Patrol Officer. The staff works very closely with NASBLA to ensure what is being put out is what you really need to make your job easier and safer.


Class Designation
Class Dates
MPOC-T 01-11
3 January - 14 January
MPOC-T 02-11
28 February - 11 March

Course Manager


Mr. Mike Baron
Commandant (CG-54222)
U. S. Coast Guard Headquarters
2100 Second Street SW Stop 7581
Washington, DC 20593-7581
(202) 372-1063

Last Modified 9/19/2013