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Maritime Law Enforcement Boarding Officer Counter Drug Operations Course

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The Maritime Law Enforcement Boarding Officer Counter Drug Operations Course is a competency-based training program that prepares Coast Guard Boarding Officers to ensure that vessels are in compliance with federal laws, treaties and regulations concerning drug interdiction. The program is designed to provide a foundation in applicable concepts, stressing "hands-on" practical experience in counter drug operations during maritime boarding. Emphasis is placed on policy, procedures, officer safety, and practical exercises. The course is designed to benefit Coast Guard personnel conducting operations in the southern operating areas such as, District 7, District 11, and assigned cutters. The course focuses on improving performance and reinforcing those skills needed that will lead to superior performance in the enforcement of illegal drug trafficking violations.

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Qualification Code



5 training days over one week.


  • At Sea Accountability (ASSA)
  • Volumetrics
  • Liquid Cocaine
  • Case Package
  • Boarding Procedures

Prerequisites for Attendance

  • Certified Boarding Officer
  • Assigned to a deployable unit in support of the MDLE (JIATF South)
Note: Failure to meet the above prerequisites may result in disenrollment from the Maritime Law Enforcement Academy.
Last Modified 1/12/2016