Rating Force Notes

Rating Force Notes are only available internally and the individuals below may assist you in accessing them.

Rating Force Master Chiefs

Rate Point of Contact
AET Jon.C.Hersey@uscg.mil
AMT Gerald.B.Leach@uscg.mil
AST Clay.J.Hill@uscg.mil
BM John.R.DiCave@uscg.mil
DC Duane.F.Wiegardt@uscg.mil
EM Rudolph.Kersey@uscg.mil
ET Rolland.T.Ellard@uscg.mil
FS Bob.G.Stage@uscg.mil
GM Shane.E.Jones@uscg.mil
HS Glenn.T.Royes@uscg.mil
IS John.L.Holland@uscg.mil
Rate Point of Contact
IT Richard.L.King@uscg.mil
IV Everett.W.Baxter@uscg.mil
ME Michael.R.Karnoff@uscg.mil
MK Edward.F.Lewis@uscg.mil
MST Jeffrey.S.Lang@uscg.mil
MU Marjorie.V.Sturm@uscg.mil
OS Luke.C.Cutburth@uscg.mil
PA Eugene.M.Oberry@uscg.mil
SK Alexandra.Muhly@uscg.mil
YN Julie.A.Gunderson@uscg.mil


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