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Welcome to the Coast Guard's
Legal Service Command
Legal Assistance Division (LSC-41E)


The United States Coast Guard traditionally has recognized the importance of providing legal support for our personnel in connection with their personal civil legal affairs. Providing job related legal support, such as powers of attorney for personnel scheduled for deployment, or living wills counseling for personnel engaged in hazardous duty, helps to relieve the stress and uncertainty associated with these duties and thus improves both morale and efficiency. Prompt assistance with other non-job related personal legal difficulties has a similarly beneficial effect, so the Commandant's policy is to provide legal assistance to eligible personnel to the fullest extent possible under the law.

How to Request Assistance

The Legal Service Command has two servicing offices.

One that serves the District 5 Area of Responsibility, which includes, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina. If you are in this area, please click on Portsmouth, Virginia.

Our second office serves the District 11 Area of Responsibility, Which includes, Southern California, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona. If you are in this area please click on Alameda, California.

If you are outside the above areas, please clink on the Legal Assistance Locator. This website helps you identify the closest legal assistance office, reguardless of branch of service.


Last Modified 4/7/2015