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United States Coast Guard
Legal Service Command
Legal Assistance Division (LSC-41E)


(757) 295-2308

How to Request Assistance

Conflicts Check. Prior to consulting with a legal assistance attorney, our staff will have to complete what is called a "conflicts check" to ensure that we do not represent both parties to a dispute. To facilitate office personnel, please fill out a Legal Assistance Request Form and return to

Uniform of the Day. Active duty personnel must be attired in the uniform of the day to conduct business in the LSC Norfolk. Civilians must be attired in appropriate clothing (no flip-flops, tank tops, or shorts).

Who do you contact?

Persons within the Fifth Coast Guard District may schedule legal assistance appointments by calling their closest geographic provider. The following is a list of Coast Guard legal assistance providers:

LSC Norfolk Legal Assistance Onboard Base Portsmouth, VA (757) 295-2308
COMDT (G-L-6/PDES) Arlington, VA (202) 493-1745
COMDT (G-L-6) Washington, DC (202) 372-3783
RTC Yorktown Legal Office Yorktown, VA (757) 856-2374
TRACEN Cape May Legal Office Cape May, NJ (609) 898-6902
LANT/D5 Legal Office Downtown Portsmouth, VA (757) 398-6291

Eligibility for Legal Assistance

Eligible Clients. Title 10 U.S. Code Section 1044 authorizes the provision of legal assistance to certain specified personnel in connection with their personal civil legal affairs, subject to the availability of legal staff resources.

Legal assistance may be provided to:

This statutory authority does not extend to civilian employees, except as discussed below in conjunction with income tax filing assistance and civil notary services, or to members of the Coast Guard Auxiliary whether or not acting under official orders.

Civilian employees and military members may also be eligible to participate in the Coast Guard Work Life program's Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that includes a legal services component. This consultation and referral service is not part of the legal assistance program. This service offers free consultations and reduced fees for in court representation. Details on this program are available from local EAP coordinators.

Eligible Areas of Law

A listing of the areas of the law that we most frequently provide assistance with are listed below:

There are certain areas of the law for which we are UNABLE to provide assistance. They are as follows:

Military Administrative Matters

  • A complaint under Article 138 of the UCMJ. A petition for relief to the Board for Correction of Military Records (BCMR). A Personnel Records Review Board (PRRB).A rebuttal to a decision of a medical board. A rebuttal to a decision from the physical disability evaluation system (PDES). Evaluation appeals or rebuttals, or any other similar administrative complaint. Representation, advice or assistance of an individual with the presentation of any discrimination, other civil rights, or constitutional claim or complaint against the Government.
  • Assistance to a party, witness, or subject of an official criminal or administrative investigation of the Coast Guard, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Defense or any agency within DHS or DOD, concerning that official investigation.

Private Income Producing Matters

  • Including but not limited to, issues pertaining to the establishment and management of small business organizations (i.e., partnerships and small, closely-held corporations). The lease of a principal residence shall not be considered a private income-producing matter for purposes of this instruction.


  • Tort against the United States.
  • Monetary claim against the United States (i.e. personnel, TRICARE/CHAMPUS ).
  • Defense of any monetary claim by the United States against an individual.

Complex Estate Planning and Probate Matters

  • If a client requires estate planning assistance because of the size and/or complexity of his or her estate or other special considerations, the client is advised to seek expert civilian assistance.

In-Court Representation

  • Except as permitted under the Extended Legal Assistance Program (ELAP) program.

Preparation for Your Legal Assistance Consultation

Please email or fax ALL relevant documentation to the Legal Assistance Yeoman before your scheduled appointment. Below is a generalized list of documents that may be needed for the Legal Assistance Attorney to adequately, counsel you:
  • Bills
  • Letters from creditors, landlords, or other parties to the dispute
  • Letters to creditors, landlords, or other parties to the dispute
  • Credit card statement
  • Bank statement
  • Birth certificate
  • Child support Order
  • Bill of sale
  • Contract
  • Financial statement
  • Lending Agreement
  • Social security numbers
  • Dates of birth
  • Green card
  • Correct spelling of all names
  • Lease

Legal Assistance HELP links

View all legal assistance offices (You're leaving a federal government web site.) in your area.

Research the law (You're leaving a federal government web site.) yourself.

Find a private attorney. (You're leaving a federal government web site.)

Return form by mail, fax, or email to the address below:

United States Coast Guard
Commanding Officer
Legal Service Command (LSC-41E)
c/o Base Portsmouth
4000 Coast Guard Blvd
Portsmouth, Virginia 23703

Phone: (757)295-2308
Fax: (757)295-2020


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