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Welcome to the Coast Guard’s
Legal Service Command
Military Justice (LSC-6E)


(757) 628-4198

The Military Justice & Command Advice Branch provides command advice on military justice, and other matters to DCMS, FORCECOM, and Headquarters units. Specific branch responsibilities in the military justice and command advice area include:

  1. Docketing of all courts-martial convened by DCMS units, FORCECOM units, and those Headquarters' units East of the Rockie Mountains that do not have Staff Judge Advocates assigned to them.
  2. Provides trial counsel for courts convened by these units, and for Boards of Inquiry conviened by CG-OPM-1.
  3. Providing advice on military justice issues, including the Administrative Investigation process, conducting masts, and search authorizations. Upon request, LSC-6E attorneys will assist CO's in evaluating UCMJ allegations and determining an appropriate forum for their disposition.
  4. Maintains oversight and administration of the NJP appeal process, pretrial confinement and administrative separations for DCMS, FORECOM, and Headquarters' Units as described above.
  5. Provides day to day Command advice for all issues pertaining to uniformed service members.

LSC-6E’s Contact Information:

Legal Service Command Norfolk
LSC-6E, MJ Division
300 East Main Street, Suite 400
Norfolk, VA 23510-9100
(757) 628-4198


Last Modified 4/7/2015