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CG Court of Criminal Appeals Opinions
Calendar Year 2014

20140130 U.S. v. Cutter Writ Order31KBPDF File
20140212 U.S. v. Kroll 73 MJ 58156KBPDF File
20140219 U.S. v. Whitaker (unpublished)33KBPDF File
20140226 U.S. v. Corral (unpublished)52KBPDF File
20140415 U.S. v. Thoms (unpublished) (CORRECTED)78KBPDF File
20140521 U.S. v. Fauntleroy (unpublished)56KBPDF File
20140729 U S v Suba (unpublished)26KBPDF File
20140805 U.S. v. Riesbeck (unpublished)72KBPDF File
20140807 U.S. v. Cain (unpublished)31KBPDF File
20140813 U.S. v. Resendez (unpublished)46KBPDF File
20140925 U.S. v. Sullivan (unpublished)84KBPDF File
20141016 U.S. v. Sparks (merits)26KBPDF File
20141020 U.S. v. Demello (Unpublished)105KBPDF File
20141020 U.S. v. Matthews 73 MJ 935111KBPDF File
20141204 U.S. v. Thomas (unpublished)46KBPDF File
20141224 U.S. v. Cooley (unpublished)96KBPDF File



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