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Enjoy these awesome interviews with amazing individuals, conducted by our editor, and centered around leadership and professional development!


Inside Look into U.S. Coast Guard Diversity & Inclusion

w/CDR William Makell!

Excellence in Government Fellows Program               Blacks in Government (BIG)
w/ CDR Cunningham Interview                                   w/ President J. David Reeves

Leadership Series with ADM Bob Papp

<a href=";g2_itemId=1500937">Download movie</a>       <a href=";g2_itemId=1500948">Download movie</a>

Personal Definition of Leadership - Part I               Guiding Principles and Servant Leadership - Part II

<a href=";g2_itemId=1500954">Download movie</a>     <a href=";g2_itemId=1500951">Download movie</a>
Most Important Advice - Part III                               Thoughts on Servant Leadership - Part IV

<a href=";g2_itemId=1500944">Download movie</a>     <a href=";g2_itemId=1500941">Download movie</a> Important Tenets of Leadership - Part V                           Leadership Experiences - Part VI

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If you've enjoyed these video interviews and would like to see more, please submit who your person of interest is, along with a short paragraph on how interviewing this individual relates to leadership and professional development to Ms. Veronique Freeman.