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Office of Leadership (CG-12C)

Enlisted Professional Military Education (EPME)

Enlisted Professional Military Education (EPME) is a continuum of leadership training that provides enlisted members with a solid foundation for a successful Coast Guard career. The EPME has three parts:

Emphasis is placed on developing leadership capabilities and preparing members for increased responsibility. EPME is part of the enlisted advancement process.

NOTE: The Performance Requirement that E-7s need to complete in order to compete for advancement to E-8:

12-8.02-P – REVIEW the PME requirements and submit recommended changes, via your chain of command, to Commandant (CG-12C). This shall be submitted via CG Memo format and sent to SKCM Brian J. Sorensen at Commandant CG-12C.

Additional information on this requirement:
The review is to consist of "a thorough analysis of the requirements" of "both E-PME Performance and Knowledge Requirements for E-3 through E-9.

The composition of the critique is outlined on page E8-19 of the EPME Study Guide. A paragraph should be allotted for each of the listed categories:

Properly categorizing recommendations allows for more rapid data collection and follow on action.

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