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George R. Putnam Inspirational Leadership Award

The George R. Putnam Inspirational Leadership Award is named for the first commissioner of the U.S. Lighthouse Service. He led the U.S. Lighthouse Service through 25 years of modernization and expansion from 1910-1935. He exemplified inspirational leadership and his accomplishments during civilian service have stood the test of time. He retired from the Lighthouse service in 1935 after 45 years of continuous years as a civil servant. He rose from a clerk in the Coast and Geodetic Survey, all the way to the Commissioner of the Lighthouse service in 1910, a capacity in which he served for 25 years. Mr. Putnam was known for demonstrating great courage of conviction by hiring most competent people, selected based “solely on their record and their merits” and without regard to patronage. He introduced benefits such as annual leave, paid sick leave, and a retirement system for Lighthouse service employees. His reach was global, having authored a number of articles for National Geographic Magazine. Mr. Putnam was also an innovator, championing the use of radio aids to navigation and significantly increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the Lighthouse service. Mr. Putnam aptly summed up his career in the following statement, “I am glad that I devoted my life to public service. I am proud to have been able to help in making less hazardous the voyages of those who go down to the sea ships. I am happiest of all to have been associated with and to have been the leader of a group of men and women loyal in their obedience to the ideals of good government, devoted to the service of humanity”.

This prestigious award recognizes a Coast Guard civilian employee (appropriated or non-appropriated) who exemplifies the Coast Guard's leadership philosophy, principles, and core values. This award is presented annually to a Coast Guard civilian (appropriated or non-appropriated) who exemplifies the Coast Guard’s leadership philosophy, principles, and core values.

Eligibility Requirements

Must be a full time civilian employee of the Coast Guard and an employee of the Coast Guard for at least three years.

(1) Exemplifies the Coast Guard core values of honor (integrity), respect (esteem of junior and seniors), and devotion to duty (ethical behavior).

(2) Fosters a culture of diversity through inclusion and commitment

(3) Mentors both junior and senior personnel toward their highest potential

(4) Leads and motivates by example to ensure mission execution excellence

Recommendations: Commandant (CG-12C) solicits nominations via ALCOAST message annually. Award period will be adjusted based on calendar year (January-December).

Specific Nomination Guidelines

         Nominations may be submitted by any Coast Guard member or civilian employee in the form of a memorandum, not to exceed two pages. Each nomination must be typed using Times New Roman (12 point) font with one inch margins.

     A new page endorsement from the recommended members chain of command must be included.

     Nominations must be forwarded to Commandant (CG-12C) via the chain of command. Note: If a commanding officer is nominated, the next level command shall endorse the nomination. All recommendations must be received by 15 February 2015.

     The nomination should identify specific examples and supporting information on how the nominee exemplifies each of the criteria established in section (a) by using action impact statements explaining how the member inspired others and influenced favorable outcomes. Note: Feedback from previous selection panels continues to stress that nominations should directly address leadership methodologies and climate rather than simply reporting accomplishments.

     Scanned copies of signed nominations and endorsements may be sent by e-mail to Veronique Freeman. Please save PDF under the naming convention: memberranklastname_nameofaward_activedutyorreserve_year (for example: LCDRjones_witherspoon_activeduty_2015)

    Address nominations mailed via USPS first class mail to Commandant (CG-12C), Office of Leadership & Professional Development, U.S. Coast Guard, 2703 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave. SE, Washington DC 20593-7907. Note: Commands using this method should allow sufficient time for security screening to meet the 15 February deadline.

     A selection panel will review the nominations and make recommendations to the Assistant Commandant for Human Resources (CG-1) for approval.


Presentation: The award will be presented at an appropriate ceremony at the district command closest to the winner.
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