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Leadership Advisory Council FAQs

Will an operational unit or underway schedule prevent me from being selected for the LAC?

We certainly need representation from operational units both ashore and afloat and consider this to be an element of the board’s diversity. We recognize that both of these units face schedule constraints that will impact a member’s ability to attend meetings. We would ask the command to specifically address their willingness and perceived ability to support your membership on the LAC by allowing you to attend meetings normally conducted in early November and May. Since most of the guidance that the LAC provides to the Commandant is developed in the meetings, attendance is considered a crucial function of LAC membership. The inability to attend two consecutive meetings will normally result in a request to step down. 

What positions will be available next year?

We do anticipate the need to solicit for new appointees each year. However, our specific needs will be influenced by the level of representation from a specific community that will be departing. The ALCOAST that announces the solicitation will generally suggest the anticipated vacancies.

Can I remain on the LAC if I am transferred?

Typically the answer is yes. We value the continuity offered by representatives who are able to remain connected to LAC initiatives for several years. Having said that, we approach a PCS transfer as a potential for membership change based on the impact of that change on the representative nature of our council. If the net effect of transfers were to significantly skew the balance of unit types or geographic representation, we may explore options for re-leveling that could affect standing members. Additionally, some members have experienced difficulty related to the responsibilities or travel constraints of a new assignment and have asked to step down after reaching a new assignment. 

Amount of work outside of their normal duties?

The LAC has typically engaged in collecting representative insights from the field and contributing to project-based initiatives between meetings. Frankly the amount of time devoted to these is reflective of each member's abilities and interests but would normally not exceed a few hours a week. 

Time involved?

LAC meetings generally consume a full work week. Members travel to the meeting site on Monday, meet Tuesday through Thursday, and out brief the Commandant on Friday before traveling back to their units.

How many times does the LAC meet each year?

Normally twice each year. 

Where does the LAC meet?

The fall meeting, normally in early November, is conducted in the metro DC area to facilitate the opportunity to debrief the Commandant in person. The spring meeting, normally in early May, is held at a training center and the specific location rotates in order to enable broader interaction with the training community. The LAC will typically out brief to the Commandant by VTC for these meetings.

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