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                     Leadership and Professional Development                       Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Sponsored Courses

The table below identifies leadership and professional development training courses offered through DHS.  Check the eligibility column to see which courses apply to you.  Interested participants must register directly through DHS.  For more information about these courses click here.  

To learn about courses of instruction at the Coast Guard Leadership Development Center click here.

ATTENTION: DHS will pay for tuition, however ALL Per Diem and Travel costs will be at the expense of individual units!  For any questions or concerns please contact Ms. Darlene Murphy.


(click on course title for full requirements)

DHS Cornerstone Program All Supervisors
DHS NPS Cyber Security Certificate Program GS-9, WS-8, also eligible to apply:
WS 14-18; WL 14-15; and O2-O6 levels
DHS 101 Awareness Forum All grade levels
DHS Emerging Leader: Where Leadership Begins GS 1-10
DHS Fellows Program GS 13-15, WS 14-18, WL 14-15, O5, O6
DHS Approved Skillsoft Online Courses  
DHS Rotational Assignments  
DHS Foundations of Team Leadership GS 11-13
DHS Senior Executive Candidate Development Program GS 15
DHS Supervisory Leadership Training
Tier I
All supervisors and managers
DHS Supervisory Leadership Training
Tier II
All supervisors and managers
Graduate Academic Programs (GAP) Varies, Graduate level only
Miscellaneous Development Opportunities  
Naval Postgraduate School GS 13-15,exceptional GS-12


DHS Leader Development Framework


DHS Leader Development Program


DHS Supervisor's Toolbox


DHS Cross Component Course Catalog

DHS Fellows Program: Take a moment to read valuable feedback provided within the Exercise Support Division's Position Paper on this program!

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security Cross Component Training Catalog is a resource to help all DHS employees find the training that will best help them grow and develop in their careers. This catalog provides a comprehensive listing of courses offered by DHS components that are open to any DHS employee.  Courses in this catalog are divided into three categories:


Leadership Development – Courses that introduce and build leadership skills Technical Training - Courses specifically focused on building proficiency related to tasks Professional Skills – General professional development courses

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