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Executive Change Leadership Program

About the Course

Executive Change Leadership Program:

The program is conducted in Washington , DC and is intended as a transition seminar for newly selected Coast Guard Flag Officers and DHS Senior Executive Service members.  There is no cost associated with attendance other than travel and lodging.  Planned for 25 attendees, we have reserved 12 seats for executives from other DHS organizations.   

The program content is framed around the Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) executive and management core competencies (Technology Management, Financial Management, Creativity & Innovation, Partnering, External Awareness, Vision, Strategic Thinking, Entrepreneurship and Political Savvy) and focuses upon issues of personal change management and leading organizational change and performance.  Important to the seminar is the interaction, sharing of experiences and the strengthening of relationships between DHS entities and executives.

  Graduates of this one-week course will be better able to fulfill their role as:

o  Visionaries of the global strategic landscape and connectors of strategic vision to organizational core capabilities

o  Creators of strategic interagency unity and alignment and builders of capabilities for leading cross-border teams across agencies, functions and countries

o  Innovators, persuasive players and champions of large-system organizational changes that may direct their “component, agency” into new organizational forms

o  Builders of organizational architecture that drives a leadership culture which fully embraces the value and nurtures the talent of organization’s human capital and aligns its people with overall organizational strategy 


Newly selected Flag Officers and SES members only. 


27-31 October 2014


Coast Guard Headquarters

Washington, DC 20593

Enrollment Procedure

CG-09 will issue a Flag Voice to all the newly selected Flag Officers and SES members within the Coast Guard with registrations procedures and deadlines.

CG-12C will forward ECL course information to the DHS CHCO and the various DHS component Leadership Training offices to notify the newly selected DHS SES members of this opportunity.

Application and Selection Procedures

VCG will issue a Flag Voice to all newly selected Flag officers and SES members within the Coast Guard with registration procedures and deadlines.  

CG-12C will forward the ECL course information to the DHS, CHCO, DHS CLO, and the various DHS Leadership Training Offices to solicit this opportunity to the newly selected DHS SES members within their agency.

Costs are paid by Coast Guard Headquarters (AFC 56 "C" school account).

More Information

For additional information contact the program manager

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