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Executive Leadership in a Changing Environment (Brookings Institution-500922)

About the Course

This program advances understanding of the range of competencies needed to lead today. Its aim is to help senior government executives achieve their full professional potential at the highest levels of public service.

Practical approaches to deal with the demands of traditional public administration are supplemented by opportunities to explore new complexities and to rediscover personal commitment to the ethos of democracy and the concept of public interest.

This is an increasingly globalized society, where the new form of governance is multi-sectored. Today's leaders must learn to develop networks to share what they know and strategies and capabilities to deal with the unknowable and ever-changing. This program offers insights into the roles of creativity and personal charisma in public governance and emphasizes the importance of trust, communication, collaboration and authenticity. Participants will have the opportunity to reflect upon personal values in relationship to organizational responsibilities and to explore strategies designed to deliver agencies fit for the future. This is both a grounding and an exhilarating experience. 

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GS-15, NF 5-6, and SES managers


Sorry!  This course will NOT be offered this year. Please check back next year!

Enrollment Procedures

The application will consist of an SF-182. In a separate attachment, address job accomplishments and briefly address how you will benefit by attending the course and submit all required documents in an e-mail attachment to

Costs are paid by Coast Guard Headquarters (AFC 56 "C" school account).

Selection Procedures

A selection panel at headquarters will review the application packages of all eligible nominees. Candidates will be notified by record message traffic of their selection. Alternates will be selected and will attend the program in the event a primary candidate cannot attend.

For Further Information

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