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Coast Guard Inspirational Leadership Awards

The Office of Leadership and Professional Development sponsors four annual leadership awards: Awards Process (for the Witherspoon, McShan, Putnam, and Greanoff awards) In addition, we manage two Navy League leadership awards:  Awards Process

2009 Inspirational Leadership Awards

These people were selected for the Inspirational Leadership Awards in 2009: 

Witherspoon Award

Winner: LT Gregory Sabra, CGC Seneca

McShan Award

Winner: BMC Daniel Burke, CGC Joshua Appleby

Putnam Award

Winner: Mr. Mark McCabe, CGD-ONE

Greanoff Award

Winner: Mr. Kim Castrobran, District 11-Southern Region, Flotilla 35

2009 Inspirational Leadership and Elite Athlete Award Winners

MCPO Kevin Isherwood, LT Gregory Sabra, BMCS Daniel Burke, LTJG Brian Monaghan, YN3 Syreeta Brom-field, Mr. Kim Castrobran, Mr. Mark McCabe and ADM Thad Allen on 6 April 2009 at Coast Guard Headquarters.

Award Recipients To Date

Witherspoon Inspirational Leadership Award

2009 LT Gregory Sabra
2008 LCDR Olav Saboe
2007 CWO2 Edwin Martin
2006 CDR Scott Kitchen  
2005 LCDR Adrian West
2004 CDR Keith Smith
2003 LCDR James Elliott
2002 CDR Lynn Henderson
2001 LT Michael Davanzo
2000 CDR Michael Ghizzoni
1999 LCDR Philip Ross
1998 LCDR Karl Schultz
1997 LT Russell Davidson
1996 LCDR Timothy O’Leary
1995 CDR Manson Brown

McShan Inspirational Leadership Award

2009 BMC Daniel Burke
2008 DCC Steven Simpson
2007 YNC Linda Laswell
2006 BMC Heath Jones  
2005 DCC Travis Lovvorn
2004 SKC Stacey Dolly
2003 BMC Terry Lathrop
2002 EMC Jerome Rider 

Putnam Inspirational Leadership Award

2009 Mr. Mark McCabe
2008 Dr. Laurel Goulet
2007 Ms. Sheila Shepard
2006 Ms. Kathleen Thore  
2005 Mrs. Norma Bullock

Greanoff Inspirational Leadership Award

2009 Mr. Kim Castrobran
2008 Mr. Alfred Verdi
2007 Ms. Christella (Chris) Gress

Jarvis Award for Inspirational Leadership

2009 CWO Brian Hall         2008 LT Andrew ELY         2007 CWO4 Stephen Lyons
2006 LT Joseph Leonard
2005 CWO Thomas Guthlein
2004 LTJG Joseph Abeyta
2003 LTJG Eric Matthies
2002 LT Michael Batchelder
2001 LT Tracy Wannamaker
2000 CWO3 Curtis Bradley

Munro Award for Inspirational Leadership

2009 MKC Todd Horner      2008 MK1 Mitchell Evans    2007 BMC Timothy Guy
2006 BMC George Williams
2005 FSC Richard Sambenedetto, Jr.
2004 MKC Timothy Cotton
2003 PO1 Shannon Davis
2002 GM1 Stephane Corriveau
2001 BMCS John Buchanan
2000 BMC Brian Klimeck

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