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Port Security Unit 309

Port Clinton, OH



Unit Structure

Command Cadre

Commanding Officer

The Commanding Officer is responsible for the overall safe and secure operation of the unit while it fulfills its multi-mission requirements.

Executive Officer

The Executive Officer is responsible for the implementation of the unit’s directives and policies in the execution of its assigned missions and readiness preparedness.

Command Master Chief

The Command Master Chief is responsible for the overall well being of the unit’s enlisted members during training evolutions, mission execution, professional development, and mental and physical wellness.


The Ombudsman, a non-military volunteer (usually the spouse of a member) assists the Command by helping family members of personnel during times of deployment or extended training evolutions, serving as a communications conduit regarding questions and concerns affecting their member or matters to be dealt with on the home front.


Logistics Department

Administration Division

Personnel record keeping, pay and benefits, the acquisition of needed supplies and equipment, and unit records and documentation are a necessity for military members and units.  Members must be insured they have all the documentation recorded for verification of service to our nation to aid in the acquisition of the entitlement of future veterans’ benefits.  The unit must also have those materials needed to properly train and implement assigned missions.  And the unit history, as recorded through its documentation of actions, policies, and procedures is also of vital importance for use in assessing future needs development for this and like units.

Medical Division

The United States Military does not deploy any forces that are not fit and medically qualified to do so.  The Medical Division oversees the medical and dental readiness of the entire unit’s one hundred forty plus membership.


Operations Department

Boat Division

The Boat Division duties include but are not limited to the establishment of Security Zones, providing waterborne force protection, escorting vessels through secured zones, and to engage potentially hostile vessels.  Additionally, during Hurricane Katrina response operations, the Boat Division participated in humanitarian relief/rescue assistance to fisherman stranded in the Back Bay of Biloxi.

The Boat Division is equipped with six twenty-five feet Transportable Security Boats (TPSB), made by Boston Whaler.  The boats carry a variety of sophisticated navigation equipment and a wide array of weapons and pyrotechnics.  The TPSB is quick response vessel and extremely maneuverable.  It is an excellent platform for the Port Security Unit to carry out their missions, be they domestic response or overseas wartime operations.

Security Division

The Security Division is responsible for land-based security of the area of responsibility for the PSU.  They are extensively trained in a variety of physical security methods, tactical response, and weapons usage.  On mission deployment, their duties could include but not be limited to, perimeter security of the PSU encampment, securing maritime assets such as piers and other harbor facilities, detached assignment on Merchant Marine vessels to provide security while underway, and the maintenance of shore batteries to assist the Boat Division.

Communications Division

The Communications Division duties are among one of the most crucial to the success of all unit operations.  They are responsible for establishing and maintaining a 24/7 manned Command Post when mission deployed.  All incoming and outgoing message traffic as well as the direction of all operations is communicated by the division.  They are responsible for the maintenance and continued maximum operability of all unit land based and water borne radio equipment.


Engineering Department

Engineering Support

The unit has water borne vessels, land vehicles, electrical power generators, and more that have to be kept in utmost safe and operational condition for both training and deployment.  The Engineering Department is the where that is accomplished.  Personnel assigned must keep up with the latest techniques and methods for insuring this wide variety of machines remain useful in supporting unit missions and goals.

Weapons Division

In order to accomplish it many diverse missions, the unit must be properly equipped and trained in a sundry of weapons and pyrotechnics suited for the tasks.  The Weapons division is responsible for insuring all members are trained and qualified to perform their assigned duties professionally and safely.  This training encompasses classroom and field instruction, exercises, and qualifications to include proper Use of Force levels and Rules of Engagement for directed missions.  This division is also responsible for the oversight and security of the unit armory.

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USCG Port Security Unit 309
Erie Industrial Park, Bldg 360
Port Clinton, OH 43452

PHONE NUMBER (419) 635-4462

FAX NUMBER (419) 635-2608

Last Modified 1/26/2012