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14115 Fred and Al Key Rd
Kiln, MS 39556
Tel: (228) 466-1035

United States Coast Guard
Port Security Unit (PSU) 308

Kiln, Mississippi

Lieutenant Commander Cliff DeTemple
Executive Officer

Lieutenant Commander DeTemple entered the United States Coast Guard Reserve graduating BootPhoto Image LCDR DeTemple Camp Company Quebec 125 in 1987.  He served as a Boatswain’s Mate and  Coxswain at small boat stations on the East Coast and Great lakes, as well as, several Port Security Units, before receiving his commission in 2000  via SRDC in  New London, CT and has served in a variety of operational, maritime safety, and Special assignment billets throughout his over 27 year reserve career.  

Lieutenant Commander DeTemple’s experience in Naval Coastal Warfare began in 1988 pounding the beaches of the East Coast with the OCEAN VENTURE Exercise, followed by the D5 Desert Shield Coastal Security Zone in 1990 a joint CG/ANG operation in coordination with the Delaware Bay Coastal Security Net.  His first Port Security Unit assignment was to PSU303 for Uphold Democracy, later assigned to the commissioned unit PSU309.  In 2007 was a plank owner of the NECC GFS.  GFS was a Joint CG, Navy, Marine, DOS Sea basing GWOT mission to foster partnerships with foreign militaries on joint security concerns within the SOUTHCOM AOR. He was first assigned to PSU308was in 2000 for the exercise LINK SEAS, and then later assigned  in August 2011.   

He has performed military service for the US Coast Guard in 18 countries.

Exercise, Operations, and Significant CG Events:
1990 D5, Coastal Security Zone in support of DESERT SHIELD
1994 PSU303, Operation Uphold Democracy
1996 PSU303, MARCOT, Shelburne, Nova Scotia
1996 Democratic Convention Presidential Security, Chicago, IL
1997 PSU309, Sea Deployment Readiness Exercise, Norfolk, VA
1998 PSU309, FOAL EAGLE, Pohang, South Korea
1999 PSU309, BRIGHT STAR, Alexandria, Egypt
2000 PSU308, LINK SEAS, Setubal, Portugal
2000 PSU309, OPSAIL, New York
2001 9/11 Port Vessel Inspection Teams, New York
2002 D9 Maritime Security Center, Cleveland, OH
2005 SLM, EMC-423barge explosion forensic investigation, Chicago, IL
2009 Defense Force East, PATFORSWA, Bahrain
2009 LANT, SARMOU, Malta
2010 National Incident Command BP Oil Spill, Washington DC
2013 PSU308, Field Exercise Camp Bobby, Slidell, LA
2014 PSU308, GITMO MARSECDET Ramp up, Kiln, MS

Coast Guard Shore Assignments: CGSTA Indian River, Reserve Unit Chicago, Reserve Unit Great Lakes, CG Sta Wilmette, PSU303, PSU309, MSO Cleveland, Group Milwaukee, Sector Lake Michigan, D9 Maritime Operations Center, LANTAREA, Staff as aide to ADM Papp,  PSU308

Coast Guard Afloat Assignments: Global Fleet Stations: USN HSV2 SWIFT, Maritime Operations Officer.

1989 National Motor Lifeboat Heavy Weather Coxswain , Cape Disappointment qualifying on the 44MLB
1990 Emergency Medical Technician School from St Joseph’s Hospital qualifying EMT-Mast

In 2000 he participated in PSU30Great’s first overseas exercise “Link Seas 2000” in Setubal, Portugal as a Boat Coxswain.  Then twelve years later returned to the unit as the Operations and currently serves the unit’s Executive Officer.

He wears a permanent Coxswain insignia for 41UTB, 44MLB and TPSB, the Boat Forces Insignia and  holds both the pewter and gold Port Security Pins. His first PSU insignia was issued June, 2000.   He qualified with the first D9 VDEL security team from the HH-65.

He is the Owner of Turning Point Systems Group, Milwaukee, WI.  TPSGroup specializes in products, training and support of specialized measuring and mapping systems for Surveyors, Engineers, and Forensic law enforcement. His civilian and Coast Guard experience have overlapped with the introduction of ground based LIDAR to the US Coast Guard for Ship explosions in 2006 with the Lisa E Barge investigation, Commandant’s innovation in 2007 introducing technology for CG CSI, mapping of shore NAV facilities in 2009 and LIDAR SME for the 2010 BP oil Spill. He has a 1989 AS degree in Civil and Mechanical Engineering from the Reading Area Community College and the University of Delaware.

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