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14115 Fred and Al Key Rd
Kiln, MS 39556
Tel: (228) 466-1035

United States Coast Guard
Port Security Unit (PSU) 308

Kiln, Mississippi


Shipmate, welcome to Port Security Unit (PSU) 308 located in Kiln, MS.  You may be asking yourself what exactly is a PSU?  Port Security Units are deployable units organized for sustained operations. They can deploy within 24 hours and establish operations within 96 hours.  They provide land and waterside force protection to key assets.  These include pier areas, high value vessels and harbor entrances.  PSU's may operate in foreign waters as part of a Coalition Task Force (CTF) within the Naval Coastal Warfare Command Structure. They may also operate in U.S. territorial waters under the direction of a Coast Guard or Maritime Defense Zone (MDZ) command or as part of a disaster response team. Each PSU has 6 fast and maneuverable Transportable Port Security Boats (TPSBs) - 32' boats outfitted with twin Yanmar 315 engines capable of achieving a max speed of 45 knots.  Each PSU is outfitted with their own support material, vehicles, boat trailers, transportable kitchens, tents, weapons and DOD-compatible radios. They maintain an inventory of equipment and spare parts to sustain operations for up to 30 days. All personnel are issued required individual gear for field operations and personal protection. Each PSU is staffed by 140 reservists and 6 active duty personnel. Personnel prepare for contingency operations during weekend drills and normally participate in either an exercise or specialized training during two weeks of annual Active Duty.  Members are authorized 60 IDT drills per fiscal year and 15 days of ADT.  All members are required to complete 90% of their scheduled drill plus ADT or be processed for discharge.

PSU 308 underway while deployed to Guantanamo Bay in 2015

PSU-308 has deployed three times since 2002. The first deployment involved a detachment of 60 members, deployed to Bahrain to provide waterside security to U.S. and coalition war ships in the Port of Manama. The second deployment involved the entire unit, deploying to the Port of Ash Shuiaba, Kuwait again providing waterside as well as landside security to that sea port of debarkation (SPOD) during Operation Iraqi Freedom. And the third deployment was to Guantanamo Bay Cuba Operation Enduring Freedom. As a result of these deployments PSU-308 received national recognition and a reputation for outstanding skill and professionalism. You are now a member of that outstanding Port Security 308 family. 

Photo Image PSU 308 doing joint operations with USN Riverines

 As you learned during your basic training or indoctrination, you should report aboard any command in either Tropical Blue Long or Service Dress Blue (bravo), depending upon the season or current uniform instructions or policy . Bring your ODU’s along with you so you can participate in the training after completing the check in process. You will be issued PSU related items and equipment as soon as possible (usually your second drill weekend). Soon after your arrival at the unit, you will be assigned a mentor by your supervisor to help answer your questions, familiarize you with the area and unit policies and procedures.  If you have any questions before then, please feel free to call the unit at 228-466-1035 or the units CDO cell @ 228- 323-2063  Muster for weekend drill is at 0645 hours on Saturday and 0700 hours on Sunday.  You may drill on Friday if you wish with permission of your supervisor. If you must leave home prior to 0530 to report for duty at 0700 on Saturday and Sunday or live further than 51 miles away from the unit, you are authorized berthing the night before.  Please notify the active duty SK1  at 228-466-1035 ex 205 as soon as possible in receipt of this letter, if you require berthing. 

Directions to CG PSU 308: Interstate 10 Exit 13 Hwy 49 South.  After exiting, you will take ramp right for MS-43 / MS- 603 towards Bay St Louis / Picayune.  Turn right onto SR-43 North / SR – 603 North, turn left onto Stennis Airport Rd turn right on Fred & Al Key Road we are located next to the old yellow airport hangar.  If you get lost, please call.  Enclosed you will find the CO’s standing orders, command philosophy, and a check in sheet. This information is subject to the Freedom of Information Act so please do not release any information.     

We welcome you into the PSU family and applaud your decision to join the United States Coast Guard.  While assigned to PSU-308, you will be expected to work hard to get qualified in your assigned job and earn your PSU pin, as well as toward promotion. If you do, you will have the honor of being an important part of one of the best Port Security Units in the Coast Guard.

Commander Nan O. Silverman-Wise
Commanding Officer, Port Security Unit 308


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