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Security Levels

Unit Logo

14115 Fred and Al Key Rd
Kiln, MS 39556
Tel: (228) 466-1035

United States Coast Guard
Port Security Unit (PSU) 308

Kiln, Mississippi


VISION:  We will be ready at all times to execute our mission.   

MISSION:  We will execute our mission safely, effectively, and professionally while striving for success in all endeavors.  

VALUES:  We will live our Core Values of honor, respect, and devotion to duty.  We will foster a positive atmosphere, encourage teamwork and collaboration, train our people, and provide opportunities for professional and personal growth.  Each PSU 308 crewmember will:   

Be a Leader:

- Care for your shipmates

- Be excellent in all you do  

- Be proactive and plan ahead 

- Be optimistic

- Safety First 

- Be honest and accountable

- Expect the same from your shipmates

-Respect your shipmates


Be Ready:

- Maintain dental & medical readiness

- Completion of Mandatory Training

- Prepare family and employer for deployment

- Maintain personal equipment and uniform 


Be a Team:

- Shipmates respect one another and hold others accountable to our core values

- Shipmates stand together in the face of adversity and celebrate victories as a team 

- Communication is key

- Our families and friends are an integral part of our unit and our success

- Have Fun!


Last Modified 9/19/2013