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Security Levels

Unit Logo

14115 Fred and Al Key Rd
Kiln, MS 39556
Tel: (228) 466-1035

United States Coast Guard
Port Security Unit (PSU) 308

Kiln, Mississippi

Photo Image PSU 308 Crew

Unit Description


Coast Guard Port Security Units are deployable units organized for sustained operations. They can32' Transportable Port Security Boat deploy within 24 hours and establish operations within 96 hours. PSUs conduct OCONUS port security in support of requesting regional CINC's. They provide waterside protection to key assests (e.g. pier areas, high value vessels, harbor entrances) at the termination/origination point of the Sea Lines of Communications (SLOCs). PSU's may operate in U.S. territorial waters under the direction of a Coast Guard or Maritime Defense Zone (MDZ) command or in foreign waters as part of the Harbor Defense Command (HDC or HDCU) within the Naval Coastal Warfare Command Structure.




Unit Missions

Provide port security in support of military and humanitarian operations worldwide. PSUs may operate independently or with other naval coastal warfare units, including:


Personnel prepare for contingency operations during weekend drills and normally participate in either an exercise or specialized training during two weeks of annual Active Duty.

Last Modified 8/21/2014