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Welcome Aboard

MSST 91114 Logo Image

We would like to congratulate you on your selection to the Maritime Safety and Security Team Miami (91114). You will be joining a team with some of the most exceptionally motivated and highly trained Maritime Law Enforcement professionals in the Coast Guard. Although our missions are demanding and arduous, I hope you will find them rewarding and remember this as one of your best units. Your opportunities for critical real world missions, training, and travel are unsurpassed when compared to other Coast Guard Units.

MSST Miami's members can expect to deploy approximately 185 days per year. A typical deployment lasts normally 30 days. Our primary mission is to provide Maritime Law Enforcement and Anti-Terrorism Force Protection. MSST's are able to deploy and arrive on scene within 12 hours anywhere in the nation.

Members should report during normal working hours (0700-1300) their sponsor or Yeoman.

What is the normal uniform?

Operational Duty Uniform.

What is the climate in south Florida?

Summer: Tropical Winter: Warm

What Ratings are utilized at a MSST?


What is the nearest city?

We are located on Homestead Air Reserve Base. 30 minutes to Metro Miami,

30 minutes to the Keys.

Location of the nearest exchange / commissary?

Homestead ARB hosts a small commissary and exchange. There is also a small uniform shop with a Coast Guard exchange at Sector Miami, Communications Station Miami and Air Station Miami

What is the cost of an average 2 bedroom apartment?

Varies by location, in Homestead the price varies from $950 to $1200 further north prices average from $1300.00 to $1700.00

Where do most team members live?

Most members live within 20 minutes of Homestead.

You should expect to perform the Commandant's revised MLE physical fitness test shortly after your arrival. As a unit, the PFT is administered MONTHLY. We have access to a state of the art fitness facility on base. Daily PT is held from 0700-0900. Also, there is a possibility that you will train on vertical insertion and both armed / unarmed law enforcement tactics. You should be comfortable with heights. There are numerous physical fitness coordinators to assist you in the development of a personal program; however, you should arrive fully ready to meet these challenges.

Last Modified 5/6/2015