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Community Involvement and Morale

Life at MSST Miami is not always about deployments and training. The rigors of Military life and its demands can be a challenge to service members no matter where they find themselves stationed. Morale and community involvement are a very important part of life at our team. MSST Miami has been actively involved with the local community, participating in local parades, demonstrations, and informational awareness interaction with students participating in various environmental awareness seminars. Earlier this year, members gave a presentation to local high school students who competed in an essay-contest on environmental awareness. We also attended a "Career Day" at a local elementary school. Throughout the course of the day, over 700 students learned about the mission of the Coast Guard. These students were able to "come aboard" for tours of our boats. The siren seemed to be the main attraction.

Members bond together as shipmates both at work, as well as in their off duty hours. Whether it be involvement in team sports, off-duty time spent at the gun range, scuba diving, fishing or just a few afternoon hours at the gym, MSST Miami does it all.

The following are a few photo's taken from many of these events....

Last Modified 12/29/2014