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Chief Joseph Coker Award for Excellence in Law Enforcement Training


Photo Image Chief Coker

Chief Coker volunteered for active duty under Title 10 orders to serve as a Law Enforcement Instructor and Team Leader at Coast Guard Atlantic Area, Portsmouth, Virginia from October 2003 to December 2007.  He trained over 1700 students from 104 Coast Guard units.  He was the subject matter expert in the Coast Guard Use of Force Policy, Boarding Procedures and Defensive Tactics.  Additionally, Chief Petty Officer Coker provided Law Enforcement training to over 2700 personnel deploying to the Arabian Gulf in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Chief Petty Officer Coker passed away while on active duty on December 1, 2007.


Award Recipients


Jan 08 BM2 Jonathan Lee, Station St Inigoes Jan 08 BM3 William Giannas, Station Crisfield Jan 08 SN Jacinto M. Hernandez, Station Sabine Jan 08 SN Izaak A. Gonzalez, Station Freeport Jan 08 MK3 Charles Fleming, Station Galveston  Mar 08 FN Nathanael Kruse, CGC Valliant Mar 08 BM2 James V. Maida, Sector Miami Mar 08 SN Zackary Musall, Station Kenosha March 08 SN John Shannon, STA Washington, D.C. April 08 SN Robert J. Alvarez, Station Oxford April 08 BM3 Timothy Pace, Station South Padre Island May 08 BM3 Jonathan A. Javier, CGC Seneca May 08 FN Neil A. Drake, CGC Spencer May 08 FA Cory Demery, Station Port Huron May 08 FN Andrew Ireland, Station Port Huron May 08 EM3 Tony Robb, CGC Hollyhock May 08 SN Matthew S. Tarte, CGC Resolute May 08 MK2 Jeffery Oceguera, Sector Saint Petersburg June 08 BM3 Michael Mahoney, Station Elizabeth City June 08 MK3 Nicole Crowley, Station Buffalo June 08 MK2 Stephen M. Villerot, Station Belle Isle July 08 MK2 Joshua Kaiser, Station Saginaw River July 08 SNBM Edmond X. Timmons, Station Milwaukee July 08 FN Trina Beiring, Station Two Rivers September 08 SN Preston Walker, Station Cape Hatteras September 08 SN Lucas Nisbet, Station Fort Macon September 08 SN Christine Barrett, Station Wrightsville Beach September 08 SN Benjamin Martin, CGC Cochito September 08 SN Herminio Velazquez Jr., ANT Georgetown October 08 GM1 Michael T. Whiteaker, CGC Shamal October 08 MK3 Camille Gavaldon, CGC Brant October 08 EM2 Josiah Pennington, CGC Harriet Lane October 08 BM3 Brian Wilson, Station Sault Saint Marie October 08 MK2 Michael Hefty, Station Grand Haven October 08 MK3 Milton Marks, Station Port Huron October 08 BM1 Brandon Stoia, Sector Key West November 08 SN Joshua Mathews, CGC Vigorous November 08 ENS Katherine Ustler, CGC Thetis November 08 BM3 Robert Spencer, Station Lorain December 08 SN Larry McGhee, Station Miami December 08 BM3 Ashley Ameigh, CGC Dolphin December 08 SN Jason Baylor, CGC Confidence December 08 MK2 Matthew Brumett, CGC Razorbill January 09 SN Walter Reed, Station Mayport January 09 BM3 Jonas Critchfield, Station Ponce De Leon Inlet January 09 BM3 Bruce Lambert, Station Port Canveral January 09 SN Dennis Webb, Station Sand Key January 09 BM3 Leonel Martin, Station Fort Myers Beach January 09 OSC John Fretts, CGC Tampa January 09 BM1 Jamie Sanchez, CGC Forward January 09 BM3 Robert Kecten, Station Fort Myers Beach January 09 FN Timothy Fox, CGC Legare January 09 MK3 Richard Marques, Station Lake Worth January 09 SN Simon Millar, Station Fort Pierce January 09 SN Jose Bivuaber, Station Fort Lauderdale January 09 SN Jose Augilua, Station Lake Worth January 09 LTJG Chistopher Bonner, CGC Diligence

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