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The U.S. Coast Guard Incident Management Assistance Team (CG-IMAT) supports the operational commander in complex incident/crisis management for all-hazard, all threat incidents and events. The CG-IMAT is a rapidly deployable, scalable resource that addresses capability gaps within an incident management organization wherever required.  (more)

About Us

The CG-IMAT is not designed to support a single Coast Guard mission area; rather the CG-IMAT is designed to support response operations across the full spectrum of Coast Guard contingencies. As the Nation’s maritime first responder, the core of the Coast Guard’s operational activities is incident response for the full range of maritime contingencies—whether safety-related, environmental, or involving criminal activity or threatened terrorism. How the Coast Guard manages responses to incidents of all sizes and complexities, with a diverse community of partners, is critical to the overall safety, security and stewardship of the Nation’s maritime environment. The Coast Guard must possess the capabilities and resources to effectively respond to all hazards that may impact the homeland’s maritime safety and security.

Oversight of the Public Information Assistance Team (PIAT) has been fully transferred under the CG-IMAT and is included in the support available to field units.

The CG-IMAT has been optimally configured to include four departments (Command, Operations, Planning, and Logistics) that can be readily reconfigured to provide multiple individuals or Away Teams to support operational commanders, or up to two Deployable Elements capable of responding to two simultaneous Type-1/Type-2 incidents or events and to concurrently maintain the in-garrison functions of the team. The CG-IMAT will also provide support to other agencies on an as-available basis. The Public Information Assist Team provides unique, interagency crisis communication experience and technical expertise to help Incident Commanders and Federal On Scene Coordinators meet their objectives of truth and transparency of operations for the public. CG-IMAT support capabilities include incident management, training support, exercise support, and field unit readiness assessments.

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Last Modified 2/24/2015