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Engineering Department

The operational readiness and mission effectiveness of VENTUROUS relies upon our ability to maintain essential hull, mechanical, electrical, auxiliary and damage control systems. This is the responsibility of the Engineering Department which is comprised of four divisions: Main Propulsion, Electrical, Auxiliary, and Damage Control.

The Main Propulsion (Main Prop) Division is charged with the upkeep and operational condition of the ship's physical propulsion and power plants. Main Prop conducts preventive and corrective maintenance repair on shipboard main diesel engines, ship's service diesel generators, auxiliary boilers, and the reverse osmosis desalinator. The daily operations of this division are arduous and often challenge personnel to ensure the constant reliability and upkeep of the main propulsion system. The division is comprised of rated Machinery Technician Petty Officers and Firemen who are supervised under a Chief Petty Officer. The Department's Main Propulsion Assistant (MPA) is responsible for the effective operation of the main engines and auxiliaries assigned to the Main Propulsion Division.

The Electrical Division is responsible for the shipboard electrical systems that supply power to VENTUROUS. The electrical power plant and distribution system provide power that is required for propulsion, habitability, “hotel services” (e.g., showers, food preparation, sanitation) and weapons systems. The Electrician's Mate Petty Officers and Chief Petty Officer of the Electrical Division spend tireless hours maintaining the generators, transformers, batteries, cable systems and related equipment that provide light, sound, and radar detection capability to VENTUROUS. The Damage Control Assistant (DCA) manages this division and reports to the Engineer Officer.

The Auxiliary Division is comprised of skilled technicians who maintain and operate the many engineering sub-systems that support the main engineering plant as well as separate mechanical systems pertaining to air conditioning/refrigeration equipment, hydraulic steering, small boat launch/recovery systems, and deck machinery equipment. The Machinery Technician Petty Officers, Firemen and Chief Petty Officer work to maintain effective operation of all related machinery, equipment, piping, and auxiliaries assigned to the division. The Auxiliary Division is also responsible for the care, onload, stowage, and treatment of all fuel.

The Damage Control Division is responsible to ensure that damage control capabilities and systems are maintained at an optimal level. Damage control effectiveness is critical to the function, operation, and safety of every cutter in the fleet. Additionally, the Damage Control Division maintains sewage, plumbing, and shower facilities as well as providing support in all areas of structural, steel, aluminum, welding, and maintenance throughout the ship.


Last Modified 12/2/2014