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Venturous at Anchor


Saint Petersburg, FL


Command Philosophy


CGC VENTUROUS's purpose is to effectively and safely execute all assigned missions while strictly adhering to coast Guard regulations, policies, and our core values. This purpose will be accomplished through focused and continual improvement in cutter operations and maintenance, professional and personal growth, and respect for our shipmates and those we serve. The three tenets of my Command Philosophy are: Mission Excellence, Namesake, and Teamwork.


Mission Excellence:

l. We exist to complete each and every Mission assigned to us. To do this, we must work hard both underway and inport and be prepared at all times.

2. Our priorities are safety of life at sea, counter-drug and alien migrant interdiction operations, and maritime homeland security. Be proficient in your assigned duties.

3. We must be knowledgeable in all international and domestic authorities, ensure we have the appropriate capabilities and competencies, and utilize partnerships when applicable.



1. We must undertake all that we do in accordance with our Namesake, VENTUROUS. We must act with courage both operationally and when faced with difficult choices.

2. Going to sea is an adventure; however, it can also be dangerous. We must make every effort and take every precaution to always keep the crew and cutter safe at all times.

3. Never place the cutter or your shipmates in danger, for without either, we will not be successful. Only when we take care of both can we do great things.



1. We must always work as a Team. We can accomplish nothing by ourselves, but together, we can achieve success in every endeavor required of us.

2. Unit cohesiveness is a necessity to excel at our tasking. Rely on each other for mission accomplishment, professional development, and safety of the crew and cutter.

3. Know your role on the team. Know the role of the person above you and below you, as you may be called upon to fill those roles at a moment's notice.


CDR M.R. Gesele
Commanding Officer

Last Modified 11/9/2015