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Key West, FL


THETIS will typically spend two months in Key West, followed by two months out on patrol. Our schedule can vary widely depending on everything from cutter maintenance requirements to the regional political and operational climate requirements.

Inport ourwork day will depend on your rate and your rank. While our typical workday rountine starts at 0700 and ends at 1300hrs things can always change to meet operational needs. Most members stand duty while inport. Your billet will designate what type of duty you stand and what the rotation will be.
Generally inport duty will be divided into the following:

Underway your duties will depend on your rank, rate, and division to which you are assigned. New Seamen will typically be in the Deck Department, standing watch as helmsmen and lookouts. New Firemen may be assigned to Auxiliary or Main Prop divisions in the Engineering department where they will become security watchstanders, making rounds of the ship to check equipment and assist the Engineer Of the Watch in the Engineroom. New Seamen and Firemen should also expect to spend one of your first few months as a messcook assisting the Food Service Specialists in preparing meals, cleaning the messdeck, and doing dishes in the scullery.


When you receive your official Welcome Aboard Package, you will be assigned a sponsor, a crewmember currently serving on THETIS who will:

Report aboard in Tropical Blue Long uniform

Have your orders, training record, medical record and the enclosed orientation and indoctrination package with you. If the ship is deployed, check in with the OOD at GROUP KEY WEST.

You may be assigned TAD to GROUP KEY WEST or another nearby Coast Guard command until the ship returns.

There is no support for Coast Guard uniform items in Key West. Bring a full sea bag with you when you come and any additional uniforms you expect you will need during your tour.


If you are driving to Key West, the easiest way to get here is to follow the Florida Turnpike south until you reach the turnpike extension. Follow the turnpike extension south until you reach Florida City, then follow U.S. 1 south to Key West. From Florida City over the Florida Keys to Key West will take you approximately three hours with normal traffic.

If you are coming from the west coast (Tampa-St. Pete, Naples area) take I-75 south to the Everglades Parkway or the Tamiami Trail and follow either to the Florida Turnpike extension. Follow the Turnpike extension south to Florida City, then follow US-1 south to Key West.

If you are flying into Key West, US Air, Eastern, and Delta Airlines have regularly scheduled daily flights into Key West International Airport. From here you will be approximately 10 minutes away from the ship by taxi, or you can call the ship and have the duty driver pick you up. The ship is located with COAST GUARD GROUP KEY WEST at the Naval Air Station (NAS) Trumbo Point Annex.


Housing for Married Personnel. Government housing in the area is very nice and provides a quiet, roomy environment. Government quarters are available.

NOTE: Transportation Office for delivery of household goods is located on Boca Chica. Telephone number is (305)293-2973.

You cannot go on the waiting list until you have detached PCS from your last unit. You can go on the list the day you detach if you fax or send an advance application DD FORM 1746 or CG FORM 5267, a copy of your orders to THETIS and form CG-4170 (dependents information record) to the following address:

NOTE: If you do not forward your advance application, a copy of your PCS orders, and form CG-4170 to the housing office, you will not go on the waiting list until you actually arrive in Key West and check into the housing office. Contact the Key West housing office for more information on this or for any questions you may have concerning housing at (305) 293-4419/4417 fax number (305)293-4420.

PETS are not authorized in most hotels, motels or temporary government quarters on Key West. Contact Navy Consolidated Bachelor Quarters Division for more information on pets at (305)293-4100 ext 226 or Family Services Center at (305)293-4408. Remember to make your reservations early. Space is limited.

Living on the economy in Key West is very expensive. A two bedroom apartment averages $1200.00 and up, per month, utilities not included. You may be able to find something that suits your budget and/or needs by shopping around. I've enclosed a partial list of realtors in the area.

The command does not favor nor endorse any of these realtors.

Single Personnel.

Non-rated personnel, E-2 through E-3, who are not married will initially be provided with quarters onboard. You may apply for off-ship housing in the Group Key West BEQ upon successful completion of Basic Damage Control Personnel Qualification Standards, the MRNPO and the Seaman or Fireman end of course tests.

E-4 and E-5, who are not married, may apply for off-ship housing in the Group Key West BEQ or Navy unaccompanied personnel housing. If the government quarters are more than 90 percent full, you may request via the chain of command to live on the economy.

E-6 and above may apply for Navy unaccompanied personnel housing or to live on the economy.

The 270' cutters are considered adequate quarters, but with any ship, space is limited, so pack accordingly.


Currently the Key West area has a limited medical infrastructure. If you or your dependents have a medical condition that requires specialized treatment, you may have to be referred to a facility outside the local area. In the case of dependents this could result in out of pocket expenses. If you have any questions regarding medical care for an existing medical condition please call (305)293-4570 ext 4565 or our HS2 at (305)292-8883.


If your spouse or dependents are interested in obtaining a part time or full time job while in Key West, the opportunities are good outside the corporate environment. There are numerous hotels, restaurants, hospitals, schools and tourism related opportunities. Listed below are job placement agencies for the area:


COAST GUARD SECTOR KEY WEST is a Seventh Coast Guard District unit. SECTOR KEY WEST'S area of responsibility (AOR) encompasses the area just south of Miami down to the Yucatan Channel. The Group includes three stations:

The SECTOR also includes six (6) 110 foot "Island" class patrol boats:


USCGC MOHAWK (WMEC 913). MOHAWK is our only sistership homeported in Key West. Her missions are similar to ours.


Your help is needed to keep this information package current and useful. If errors are noted or if you feel there is any additional information which should have been included, please inform your sponsor or the yeoman when you report.

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