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Virginia Beach, Virginia


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Engineering Department - Engineering is responsible for the machinery, propulsion, electrical equipment, and  damage control capabilities of the ship.  Engineering is also responsible for safety and habitability equipment such  as heat and air conditioning.  The Engineering Department is comprised of the  Electrical, Auxiliary, Main Propulsion, and DC Divisions.

Enlisted ratings include:  Damage Controlman (DC), Electricians Mate (EM), Machinery Technician (MK), and Fireman (FN).

Operations Department - Operations is  responsible for mission planning coordinating, navigation, communication, computer systems, Security Systems and  electronic equipment within the ship. The Operations Department contains the  Telecommunications, Combat Information,  Navigation, and Electronics Divisions.

Enlisted ratings include:  Boatswain Mate (BM), Electronic Technician (ET), Information Systems Technician (IT), and Operational Specialist (OS). Gunners Mate (GM), and Maritime Enforcement (ME).

Support Department  - Supply serves as the unit support group with health care, food service, parts &  supplies management, procurement, and personnel administration.  The Supply, Food   Service, Administration, and Health Service Divisions are under the Support Department.

Enlisted ratings include:  Food Services Specialist (FS), Health Services Technician (HS), Storekeeper (SK), and Yeoman (YN).

Deck Department - Deck has a multifaceted mission onboard.  Deck is responsible for the operation of the small boats, completes all hull maintenance,  participates in all flight operations, are the experts in marlinespike and seamanship, and stand underway helm, lookout, and Boatswain's Mate of the Watch.  Deck Department also stands bridge watches, conducts boat launch, operation, and recovery drills, and participates in Law Enforcement Boardings. 

Enlisted ratings include:  Boatswain Mate (BM), and Seaman (SN).

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