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Operations Department

The Operations Department is responsible for all aspects of mission performance including planning, execution, communications, and reporting of our assigned mission. To successfully accomplish this goal, the Operations Department consists of several divisions including Navigation, Communications/Combat, Electronics, and Weapons. Each of these divisions is comprised of specialized "Rated" personnel.

The Navigation Division is responsible for the safe transit of VENTUROUS. They maintain all charts and necessary publications, as well as obtain and coordinate all pertinent weather information. While underway, Navigation Division personnel stand watches on the bridge as either Officer of the Deck or as Quartermaster of the Watch. In this capacity, they safely pilot the vessel and coordinate shipboard activities.

The Communications/Combat Division is responsible for all external encrypted and unencrypted communications including Satellite, High Frequency(HF), Ultra High Frequency(UHF), and Very High Frequency(VHF) transmissions. In essence, this division is the cutter's link to the rest of the world while underway. Communications Division personnel maintain a continuous watch, monitoring essential voice and data communications circuits. In addition to these duties, they also administer the unit’s onboard computer system. Combat personnel plan and coordinate all unit operations, including Command and Control of other Coast Guard assets often assigned. They develop daily operational briefs for the Commanding Officer, and are responsible to the Operations Officer for the effective execution of the Commanding Officer’s operational plan. Additionally, the Combat Information Center watch serves as a secondary navigational team during transits of restricted waters and major ports.

The Electronics Division is responsible for the maintenance and repair of all onboard electronic equipment. This includes all external shipboard communications gear, electronic navigation equipment such as Global Positioning Systems (GPS), shipboard radar units, ship's internal phone system, fathometers, and unit's Tactical Control System. When not conducting routine checks or preventive maintenance on equipment, Electronics Division personnel augment the Combat Information Center, standing watches as aircraft Command and Control, and coordinating operations with other surface vessels.

The Weapons Division is responsible for the maintenance, upkeep, and training program for the ship’s entire weapons system, including a 25mm canon, two .50 caliber automatic machine guns, numerous small arms, and an array of pyrotechnics. Gunner’s Mates conduct all preventive maintenance for the weapons while maintaining the entire inventory of ammunition. The Weapons Division is also highly active in the Law Enforcement program, including training, gear acquisition, maintenance, and operation of the ship’s narcotics detection equipment.


Last Modified 12/2/2014