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Deck Department

Deck Department is responsible for the preservation and appearance of the ship's exterior and leads many of the cutter’s major operational evolutions. It is the largest department onboard VENTUROUS; comprised of 2 Chief Boatswain's, 5 Boatswain's Mates Petty Officers, and 17 Seamen. Deck Department personnel operate the ship's Over-the-Horizon (OTH) boat and Motor Surf Boat (MSB) in the prosecution of various missions. Additionally, Deck personnel are responsible for the care and operation of the ship's two anchors, along with the cutter’s ground tackle, mooring lines, and lifesaving gear.

Senior Deck Department personnel serve as inport and underway Officers of the Deck. Several Deck Department petty officers stand watches as underway Quartermasters of the Watch. Seamen stand watches as helmsmen and lookouts. During helicopter operations, Deck Department personnel serve as members of the helicopter tiedown team and flight deck fire team. Many Deck Department personnel also qualify as law enforcement boarding team members in support of our multi-mission capabilities.


Last Modified 12/2/2014