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Administration Department

The Admin Department is likely the most diverse department aboard VENTUROUS, being comprised of various logistical and supply divisions as described below:

Food Service: VENTUROUS is well known for producing exceptional food service. The galley staff takes great pride in both the quality and preparation of healthy, great tasting meals. The galley staff includes an FSC, FS1, 2 FS2s, and 3 FS3s. Each new Fireman Apprentice and Seaman Apprentice that reports aboard will rotate as a galley "Messcook". Duties of the Messcook includes setting up for meals, scullery duty (washing dishes), and galley cleanups. Although not glamorous, Messcooking is an essential role to ensure proper sanitation and crew morale.

Supply: All procurement, property, budget and other logistical matters are handled by the Storekeepers (SK’s). VENTUROUS is billeted for an SK1 and an SK3. They carefully monitor accounting records, credit card expenditures, clothing, commissary, and even spare parts.

Admin: VENTUROUS has one independent duty Yeoman (YN1), who handles a wide array of administrative matters. The YN1 serves as a one-stop shop for all pay, transportation, travel, housing, and other personnel issues.

Medical: Another independent duty position aboard VENTUROUS is the Health Services Technician, or “Doc”. Doc handles both routine and emergency health care services. Among the multitude of responsibilities, Doc maintains all crew medical records, schedules medical and dental visits, works directly with health care providers, performs minor surgical procedures, administers vaccinations, and maintains health and safety monitoring programs. In addition, Doc provides all medical care and treatment of interdicted illegal migrants, sometimes exceeding 100 persons at a time.


Last Modified 12/2/2014