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Venturous at Anchor


Saint Petersburg, FL


Command Philosophy

As a member of TEAM VENTUROUS we are all here for one reason: to safely complete our assigned missions with the utmost respect to our service and traditions.  We shall all lead with pride and professionalism and uphold the highest standards set by those before us.  We will constantly train to improve our skills, strive to better our performance, and employ any lessons learned or best practices to fine tune future operations.  Honest mistakes happen, but we must learn from them and openly share our experiences. 

Mentoring and Leadership.  Our people are the heart of this unit.  We all contribute equally to the mission so we must care for one another.  Those in authority should practice diverse leadership, considering your subordinate’s needs and interests. Encourage innovation and open communication by empowering those around you.  Stand devoted watches, mentor and teach, give direct and timely performance feedback, and learn about your shipmates’ personal lives, goals, and concerns.  No one person can be indispensable – leaders must train subordinates to take their place in an emergency.  Ensure the chain of command is aware of both exemplary and sub-standard performance. Take care of your families and make adequate rest and exercise a priority. 

Safety. We will always place a premium on safety.  Avoid unnecessary risks, while ensuring that required risks taken provide a greater benefit.  Apply the Coast Guard’s Operational Risk Management practices to all evolutions regardless of nature.  Continually safeguard our shipmates and the VENTUROUS. We cannot afford to lose a shipmate or suffer needless damage due to inattention or carelessness.

Maintenance.  We will carefully balance caring for the ship and caring for our shipmates.  Daily maintenance will be required to keep VENTUROUS in service. She is old, but we shall maintain her.  She is your home away from home and all that sail aboard shall treat her with respect. Make repairs right the first time or prepare to repeat until it’s done correctly – take pride in your work.

We shall aspire to uphold the Coast Guard Core Values of Honor, Respect, and Devotion to Duty.  Honesty is a valued commodity that, once tarnished, is hard to restore.  From many diverse backgrounds and views, we form one team with respect for all.  We shall strive to never lose focus on the importance of diversity and compassion for each other.

Finally, take time to enjoy your tour.  We will seek out interesting ports of call and enjoy breaks from the daily underway routine.  I challenge you to make the most of our amazing deployments. While your duty to serve will often come first, we will strive to optimize time with family or pursuing other interests.  I am proud to be part of TEAM VENTUROUS!

CDR Simon A. Maple
Commanding Officer

Last Modified 12/2/2014