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Portsmouth, Virginia

Welcome Aboard New Crewmembers

CGC TAMPA and Crew underway

Congratulations on your assignment to USCGC TAMPA (WMEC 902) As a TAMPA sailor you will become part of a rich and proud history extending back to 1912 when the first Cutter TAMPA was launched. The current TAMPA is homeported in Portsmouth, VA at USCG Base Portsmouth (4000 Coast Guard Blvd, Portsmouth, VA). TAMPA normally deploys on 45-60 day patrols followed by similar inport periods. The ship is away from homeport an average of 185 days a year. Our patrols include Counter Drug Operations, Migrant Interdiction, Homeland Security and Fisheries Enforcement. All hands stand watch inport and underway.

We look forward to you joining our team. Please feel free to contact your sponsor for any questions or concerns you may have. While inport, our quarterdeck can be reached at anytime for any reason at the following number  (757) 483-8710. When underway, please e-mail YN1 Mastrianni at

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Last Modified 7/27/2015