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Security Levels




OPERATIONS The Operations Department is responsible for conducting visual and electronic searches supporting Coast Guard missions, collecting and analyzing intelligence and law enforcement information, as well as the control of helicopters during flight, landings and take-offs. In addition, the department prepares the cutter's operation plans, and organizes readiness of DILIGENCE to meet its missions. The Operations department is comprised of 5 divisions: Navigation; Combat; Radio; Electronics; and Weapons."

ADMINISTRATION The Administration Department is the DILIGENCE's Logistic and Support Department. It includes the cooks, a contracting officer, a yeoman, and the unit corpsman. The main goal of the department is to support the unit and crew, and enable the DILIGENCE to be fully mission capable.

DECK:  Deck Department is a close-knit group of highly motivated Boatswain Mates and Seamen that take pride in giving their best. A primary responsibility of the Deck Department is to maintain the exterior of the ship, including sanding, priming, and painting the hull and all weather decks. With DILIGENCE constantly on display in downtown Wilmington and regularly open to tours, it is extremely important that the ship is always in peak condition. While underway, the members of the Deck Department fill vital roles for every evolution. Whether it is lowering one of the small boats, towing a disabled vessel, acting as lookouts during normal steaming, or putting tie-down straps on a helicopter, the "Deckies" are eager and trained to complete any task or mission

ENGINEERING:  The Engineering Department encompasses a diverse group of rates, who work together to keep the ship running smoothly. While inport, the engineers perform maintenance on all of their equipment to prepare for the upcoming patrol. Once underway, the engineers ensure the safety and success of all the ship's missions, whether refueling the ship, servicing the main diesel engines and generators, maintaining the ships two small boats, or ensuring the ship's ability to combat damage.

Last Modified 9/19/2013