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 Pascagoula, MS

Command Philosophy



“Dedicated to Duty”

DECISIVE exists to conduct operations in support of U.S. Coast Guard missions.  To accomplish this Team DECISIVE will:


Continuously strive for optimum personnel and cutter readiness.  We will ensure we are ready to conduct the mission.  Individually, our responsibility is to make sure we complete the qualifications needed to conduct Coast Guard operations and continue to develop our professional skills to increase our proficiency.  As a team, our responsibility is to make sure the cutter is ready to conduct Coast Guard operations.  DECISIVE may be 45 years old, but that is not an excuse; we should do all that is possible to make her run and look her best.

Enable empowerment.  Each one of us plays a critical role in making sure DECISIVE completes the mission.  Every member of the crew is a leader and every member of the crew is a follower.  Our unique experiences in life, work, and our diverse backgrounds are strengths that will be used to our advantage.  Everyone is encouraged to communicate within the chain of command and use this path to facilitate and promote ideas on how we can improve mission effectiveness, efficiency, and safety.  I expect you to speak up immediately if you see or you are made aware of anything that puts the ship or shipmates in danger.  I expect everyone to use the chain of command, up and down and that includes me.

Take care of your shipmates.  We are Team DECISIVE!  We spend half of the year far from our loved ones and operate in an often hostile and unforgiving environment.  We will depend on and take care of each other, both on and off duty.   If you see a situation developing that could harm a shipmate(s), do the right thing and either help out yourself or seek out someone who can.  Do not be a bystander!

Take care of yourself and your family.  Your spiritual, emotional, social and physical health creates the base from which you operate.  Take care of them all!  As a member of Team DECISIVE, your families must be able to depend on each other at home just as we depend on each other onboard.  The Coast Guard has many resources to help you and your family – please use them when needed.  If you need assistance, let your supervisor know, we can’t help you if we do not know you need help.

Live by the Core Values of Respect, Honor, and Devotion to Duty.  We will foster a positive working and living environment and respect each other.  Honor your responsibilities and represent the Coast Guard proudly, on and off the cutter.  Accept responsibility for your actions, both good and bad.  Bad news does not get better with time so don’t hide it and always tell the truth.  I will also hold myself accountable to you.  Do what needs to be done, not just what you are told to do.  The lives/safety of yourself and shipmates depend on everyone performing their duty.

Accomplishment of the mission in a safe, efficient and effective manner is paramount. 


Drugs, Hazing, Fraternization, Discrimination, Assault, Harassment, Alcohol Abuse

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