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 Pascagoula, MS

Ringing in the New Year


Ringing in the new year with rhyme: Afloat Saturday, January 1, 2011

Written by: LTJG Stephanie Young

The Coast Guard as a service embraces many traditions that binds us together and enriches our heritage. One of these maritime traditions falls but once a year, on New Year’s Eve, and allows watchstanders to show their penchant for prose as they write log entries in rhyme.

Writing a log entry onboard a Coast Guard cutter is a routine matter in which material condition, watchstanders and the ship’s status is recorded. But, in seafaring tradition, watchstanders sweat over military jargon and nautical terms each mid-watch on New Year’s Eve to pen lyrical masterpieces.

CGC Decisive – Written by SN Bailey Walker

Here we are, upon the midnight watch,
Ahead 210, making 13 knots.
We welcome a brand new year,
Nav lights energized, to home we steer.

A 2 month stint in the Caribbean Sea,
Now to our homes and our families.
Number 2 generator is providing us light, Number 1 is on standby this starry night.
Both MDE’s are providing power,
Trying to improve our ETA, if only by one hour.

Petty Officer Burns has the deck and the conn, We take our orders from JIATF-South TACON, Small boats cradled, secured for sea, Standing by Channel 16, in case there is a plea.

LANTAREA takes charge of this Coast Guard cutter, Dog zebra is set and not a word we utter, Last known position upon the sea, Xx degrees-xx.x north, xxx degrees-xx.x west, just south of Haiti.

Now we celebrate on the crews mess,
Another mission completed with success,
Steaming toward our Pascagoula pier,
I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year.

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