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 Pascagoula, MS

Command Divisions


The Operations Department is responsible for the safe navigation and operation of the ship in the execution of a variety of missions assigned including homeland security, national defense, enforcement of laws and treaties, and search and rescue. The Operations Department uses and maintains a wide variety of sensors and communications equipment to accomplish those missions including the ship's navigation radars, navigation positioning systems, air search radars, satellite communications radios and computer systems. Rated personnel in the Operations Department include Electronics Technicians, Operations Specialists, Information System Technicians, and Boatswains Mates. The Operations Department is led by the Operations Officer and is organized into three Divisions including the Navigation Division, Combat Systems Division and Electronics Division.

The Deck Department is composed of Boatswain's Mates and Seamen under the supervision of the First Lieutenant. Deck is responsible for the maintenance of the ships ground tackle, rescue and survival equipment and the hull. It also is responsible for the operation of the ship's cutter boats.

In port, the Deck Division personnel will stand a variety of in-port watches in addition to daily deck projects.

Underway, Deck Division will stand watch on the bridge as either a Quartermaster of the Watch (QMOW) ensuring the safe navigation of the ship. When not standing watch, deck conducts a variety of deck evolutions such as small boat operations, mooring, anchoring, underway replenishment and helicopter operations.

The Engineering Department is responsible for the safe operation and maintenance of the ships main engines and auxiliary machinery, small boats and deck machinery, electrical power generation and distribution, and all hotel services, directly enabling the cutter to perform her missions. The Department is also responsible for the maintenance of the installed damage control systems, and the overall integrity of the ship's damage control posture realized through ship-wide training.

The Engineering Department expertise maintains a variety of technologically-advanced engines and systems to propel and maneuver the ship, provide power for Navigation and Combat Systems, and provide heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration for the habitability of the crew. Rated personnel in the Engineering Department include Machinery Technicians, Damage Controlmen and Electrician Mates. The Engineering Department is led by the Engineer Officer and is organized into four Divisions: the Main Propulsion Division, the Auxiliary Division, the Electrical Division and the Damage Control Division.

The Weapons Division is composed a Gunners mate under the supervision of the Weapons Officer. Presently DECISIVE has one GM1.  The weapons department will supervise the proper stowage, care, accountability and issue of associate ordnance materials and equipment and supervise loading, unloading, and stowage of all ammunition. Additionally, weapons department overseas the ship's small arms programs.

The GM is responsible for inspections, safety, and security of magazines and is responsible for the accountability of all small arms, ammunition, and pyrotechnics.

The Supply Department presently the storekeeper support staff consists of an SK1 and SK3. Storekeepers are responsible for the requisitioning, receiving, stowage, and tracking of an assortment of various supplies ranging from, clothing, office equipment, ships spare parts, and services required to keep DECISIVE operational. SKs are the Coast Guard's expert purchasing agents and accountants. Other duties and responsibilities include inventory management, shipping of material, financial data entry and maintenance of financial records.

The Admin Division presently one YN1 is aboard DECISIVE.  In addition, DECISIVE has Yeoman support at Sector Mobile in Alabama.  Good human resources management is vital to our organization. Yeoman find great satisfaction in being key problem-solvers, counselors and sources of information to personnel on questions ranging from career moves, entitlements and incentive programs to retirement options and veteran's benefits.

Typical areas of Yeoman responsibility include payroll certification and delivery; preparing military travel orders and arranging transportation, including shipment of household goods; preparing correspondence; and maintaining files and administrative records.

The "Yeoman Mission Statement" is:

"We are a team of dedicated professionals who specialize in helping people and command by providing them information, guidance, and administrative services, concerning pay, travel and transportation entitlements, benefits and human resources management."

The Food Services Division (FS Division) areas of responsibility include menu planning, constructing food load guides to support deployment and in port periods, maintaining a food inventory, production of meals, and sanitation. Special unit functions including change of commands, retirement ceremonies, etc fall into the realm of the FS Division to provide meals in a safe manner detailed with pride.

The Food Service mission statement is:

"We are a highly skilled team of food service professionals dedicated in providing a safe, clean environment in the preparation and service of quality meals to enhance the well being of our shipmates in accomplishing the missions of the Coast Guard."

The Health Services Division presently one HS2 is assigned to DECISIVE as independent duty.  HS2 is an emergency medical technician.  Foremost, HS2 is responsible for the immediate response to medical emergencies, as well as the health and well being of the crew.  The HS2 is responsible for first aid training.  HS2 is a member of the Damage Control Training Team.  Most crew members also receive services from Aviation Training Center (ATC) Mobile and Keesler Air Force Base. 

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