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Sullivan, Mills, Lounsbury are given a warm welcome by the Skinner School Children and Teachers. Delacruz, Sawyer, and Erdman are welcomed by Skinner School. Delacruz, Brusich, and Sayer get guidance on the painting plan. Higgins with one of the workers at Skinner School
Henson, Caldwell paint alongside a Columbian Navy Sailor. CDR Munro and LCDR Pickles are hard at work. Sullivan, Ferlauto, and Delacruz tackle the balcony painting. Delacruz and Teeven take a break with one of the Columbian Navy crewman.
Ferdinando, Caoldwell, Powers, Henson and schoolchildren from Skinner School in front of their masterpiece mural Hart, Henson make sure SINBAD LIVES is included in the Mural. Finished the Mural at Skinner School The Skinner school children, School Directors, Columbian Navy and CDR Munro JOB WELL DONE
Hard working crew member SUPPO Another hard working Member EO is in the Zone Some of the Skinner children help out with the Mural. Hart and Powers take a picture with the Columbian Navy crew whom they worked with on the school painting project
Last Modified 9/19/2013