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Security Levels

(HITRON) Jacksonville

Jacksonville, Florida

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Welcome to

Helicopter Interdiction Tactical Squadron

"Force from Above"


  HITRON Tactical Procedures


Concept of Operations


HITRON Jacksonville's Concept of Operations is to forward deploy armed helicopters to high threat drug trafficking and high risk security areas.  In support of our counter narcotics mission, armed helicopters will intercept suspect targets, use appropriate force to interdict vessels, and vector Over the Horizon Cutter Boats (OTH-CB) and cutters to the scene for apprehension.  In support of Homeland Security, our assets will provide Airborne Use of Force resources in all directed security patrols.  When not deployed, HITRON Jacksonville personnel will train to provide the single CG source of forward deployed armed aircrews and helicopters.


Commanding Officer

USCG HITRON Jacksonville

13520 Aerospace Way

Cecil Field Hangar 13

Jacksonville, FL 32221


Last Modified 9/22/2016