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Atlantic Coast Port Access Route Study


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Port Access Route Study (PARS) Process

Notice of PARS

3–6 months

Federal Register announces the start of the PARS.

Notice of public meeting(s) (optional)

1–2 months

Federal Register announces public meetings(s).


3–24 months

Study itself.

Notice of study results

2–4 months

Federal Register announces PARS is complete and presents PARS recommendations.

Time Required

8–36 months


International Maritime Organization (IMO) Process

Note by the U.S. Government

8–9 months

Document to be presented to IMO. Document contains text that describes the vessel routing measure(s).

Interagency meeting

1–2 months

Meeting with various government agencies to obtain their approval for vessel routing measure.

Note submitted to Subcommittee on Safety of Navigation (NAV)


Note must be submitted at least 90 days prior to NAV meeting (session). At present NAV, meets annually in July.

NAV meeting:  Routing measure approved and forwarded to Marine Safety Committee (MSC)


Note successfully presented and approved.

MSC adopts Note and sets implementation date

See Note 1

Routing measure adopted and implementation date (effective date) set.

Vessel routing measure implemented

See Note 1

Vessel routing measure implemented (in effect).

Note 1:  IMO works on a biennial schedule, with the MSC meeting in the spring and fall in even years and only in the spring in odd years. In odd years, there will be a July (NAV) to May (MSC) interval before MSC can consider a routing measure for adoption.


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