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Security Levels


  1. Determine need for visa. Check the Department of Defense Foreign Clearance Manual (DoD FCM).
  2. Verify your official passport has at least 6 months of validity remaining. 
    1. *If passport will expire in 6 months or less, you must apply for a new no-fee official passport before applying for a visa.
  3. If a visa is required, complete Request for No-Fee Visa form online. CG-4650A
    1. To fill out a new online CG-4650A, Click on new located at the top Left corner, fill out form, print, click on save & submit located at the bottom right corner of the form. How to fill out CG-4650A online.
  4. Visit the appropriate Country’s Embassy website.
    1. Read and complete the requirements for obtaining a visa. In addition, there may be other pertinent entrance requirements listed.  Additional information can be found at: Embassy listings and requierments.
    2. Download the appropriate visa application form, and include in the visa application package.   Visa applications can also be found on the DOD Passport Matters website.
  5. If you have any questions about the visa process and applicability, contact the passport and visa division.
  6. Visa application shall include:
    1. Request for No-Fee Visa, Form CG-4650A
    2. Country visa application
    3. Official Passport (Signed)
    4. Any other documents required by that country. (This may include photos and immunization records.)

  7. FedEx visa application package to:
    715 D STREET SE
    WASHINGTON, DC 20003

  9. Hand-carry visa application package may be dropped of at the passport division located at CG Headquarters (LL2-M07)

*Use of DHS approved commercial express carrier (FedEx/UPS) is the preferred method of shipping.

Note: Travelers must provide CG-DCO-I a minimum of 30 days to process a single visa. If travelers require multiple visas, a minimum of 60 days is needed.

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Last Modified 1/12/2016