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Security Levels

Transportable Port Security Boat (TPSB) USCG Guardian Class Built by Boston Whaler)

International Affairs (CG-DCO-I)


Military operations are probably the toughest of mission for any boat.  But these boats are built to take it. In one test, marines put a thousand rounds of automatic weapons fire into a Whaler and it stayed afloat. These rugged, low-maintenance, durable boats keep on running through conditions where ordinary craft would be unfit for service, or worse, fail.  The right platform for many missions. A Picture of Transportable Port Security Boatmodular approach means one basic model can be configured to meet a wide range of specific requirements: command and control, intercept, board and search, direct action, fire support, recon, insertion/extraction, troop transport, convoy escort, logistics re-supply or MEDEVAC. Primary systems like electrical, propulsion and fuel are standardized to simplify logistics, repair and training requirements. The result is higher craft availability rates and the flexibility of having crews that are qualified to operate and maintain all craft in the unit.

Brown water or blue. There are lightweight, shallow-draft models with unequaled lift capacity for inshore or riverine work, and deep-V, high-freeboard hulls that can handle offshore conditions.  TSPB's fit into C-130s and can sling under choppers to get to remote locations fast.

Whatever the mission, whatever the conditions, Whalers are the perfect platform. They're tough. Simple. Flexible. Unsinkable. The boats you need to get the job done when the job is tough. 

Specifications:Picture of Transportable Security Boat

Equipment:Overhead view of a transportable security boat diagram

ITEM Quantity
Anchor 1
Anchor chain 5 ft
Anchor Chain 3/16 5 ft
Boarding Kit (as required) 1
Boat Crew Survival Vest 1 per crewmember
Boat Hook 6ft telescoping w/skiff hook attachment 1
Compass 1
Emergency Tool Kit
  • spare fuces
  • rags and electrical tape
  • gas cap key
  • miscellaneous tools
  • miscellaneous bulbs
EMT Pack/First Aid Kit 1
EPIRB (for boats operating 10NM offshore) 1
Fire Extinguisher 1
Foot Pump (Pneumatic Sponsons only) 1
Mooring Line 4
Motor Safety Lanyard (Kill Switch) 2
Navigation Kit with the following:
  • Charts
  • Red light
  • Navigation Slide Rule
  • Search Pattern Slide Rule
  • Pencils
  • Compass and Divider
Portable Sport Light1
Pryotechnics Kit with the following:
  • 6 MK 127
  • 6 MK 124 Day/Night
  • 2 MK 79
Shackles, 1/2" for de-anchoring1
Skiff hook w/ 1.5" DBN 12ft line attached1
Sound Producing Device1
Spare Oil2 quarts
Survival Knife1
Towline 1.5"DBN200ft (recommended)
Tow Bride 1.5" DBN 15ft length w/ double eye pendants1
Throwable 24" life ring w/ strobe light1
VHF-FM Radio1
Handheld VHS-FM Radio1
Last Modified 1/12/2016