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Passport process


All official passport services require a completed CG-4650 (Request for No-Fee Passport). The Coast Guard has over a hundred Official Passport Acceptance Agents (OPAAs) stationed throughout the Coast Guard. These members are trainind to help you through the official passport process request, renewals and all other official passport services.
Review the instructions and reasons for the different applications. Select the application that best suits your circumstances. Fill out the appropriate application. It is preferred that this is done online and printed.
Do not print the application double sided, each page must be a separate sheet. Legible hand written applications are acceptable.
Time Line:
1. Immediately upon learning of expected travel, personnel shall refer to Visit the Foreign Clearance Guide at: to determine country entrance requirements. 
2. If an official passport is required, the traveler shall complete a passport application as soon as possible.  Average processing time for an official passport is 30-45 business days.  When mailing an application package, travelers shall take into account mail delays, federal holidays, weather delays, and any other potential delays.
In order to obtain an official passport please complete the following:
1.  Visit the Foreign Clearance Guide at (Accessible only via US Government computer) Check all travel requirements for the country you are visiting (passport and a visa).
2.  Members within the Coast Guard Network are encouraged to complete the CG-4650 form online (Click on new to obtain new form). If not on the network completed the paper CG-4650.  Please fill in every block to the best of your ability, including travel dates, location of travel, and why you are specifically travelling.
3.  Fill out a Department of State application for a no-fee passport. Go to and click on the passports tab.
4.  If you have never held a U.S. passport in the last 15 years, or if your passport was issued under the age of 16, fill out the Application for a U.S. Passport, Form DS-11. If you have held a U.S. passport in the last 15 years, fill out a DS-82. Fill out the applications online and print them at the final stage. Do not worry about payment; the system will allow you to follow all the way to the printing stage.
5.  Include (2) 2” x 2” color photographs; white background, high quality photo paper, no uniform insignia, collared shirt.
6.  Include the appropriate form of identification. (Either passport (DS-82 application) or original birth certificate, Naturalization certificate (Application for a U.S. Passport, Form DS-11); please check the DoS website above)
7.  Send all documents and photos to the address on the CG-4650 no more than 2 days after you sign and date the passport applications.   (Due to DoS 5 day regulation, the recommended shipping method is FedEx)

 completing a new OFFICIAL PASSPORT application (DS-11) 

A certifed Passport Acceptance Agent MUST seal this package.




DO NOT sign your DS-11 application until you are in the presence of a Certified Passport Agent.





Current holder of a U.S. Passport (Tourist or Official)

Complete a DS-82 U.S. Passport Renewls Application for Eligible Individuals.   You must meet the following

  • Current holder of a U.S. Passport (tourist of official)

  • Passport was issued after you were 16 years of age or older and it was issued less than 15 years ago.

  • Include the passport you are using for citizenship documentation and appropriate photos (photo information is in the next section). 


All forms    

FedEx all forms, photos and citizenship documentation to the address provided at the bottom of the CG-Form 4650. 
Do not mail your package to the Department of State, Department of Homeland Security, or Department of Defense. 
The CG-4650 should be single stapled to the outside of the sealed envelope and then placed into a mailing envelope and mailed to CG-DCO-I.
The processing time for a complete and accurate application is approximately 4 to 6 weeks.  This time line is established by the Department of State and can fluctuate due to the volume of passport applications they are currently processing. Applications received during the months of January – May generally take to 6-8 weeks due to the high volume of passport applications being processed for the military transfer season.




The newest APACS Requirement ALCOAST is linked here: APACS ALCOAST

A handy foreign travel checklist has been created for your use and is linked here: Foreign Travel Checklist
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