Returning Passports


When returning official passports to CG-DCO-I, please include the following information for each returned passport: Member's name, Employee ID, new unit or status (retired, discharged, RELAD). DO NOT return official passports to DCO-I-1 if the member is still employed in the USCG. These passports should be sent to the member's new unit in the SPO PDR or hand carried by the member directly to the new PDS.
International Affairs, COMDT (CG-DCO-I) will obtain “NO-FEE” OFFICIAL and DIPLOMATIC PASSPORTS for civilian and military members of the United States Coast Guard, as well as military dependents, performing foreign travel on OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT BUSINESS.  Visas are obtained as per the requirements of the specific county and the Department of Defense Foreign Clearance Guide linked here: DOD Foreign Clearance Guide

The Office of Passport and Visa Management is located on the 4th floor of CG Headquarters in room 4420.  All applications for passports and visas are required to be either hand carried or sent via mail with tracking capabilities / Fed Ex'd to:


2100 2nd STREET SW STOP 7471
WASHINGTON DC 20593-7471


Please note, all mail that is sent to COMDT DCO-I will be screened off site.  Mail is delivered to the office up to 5 business days after proof of delivery signature.



Walk-Ins:  Tues– Thurs 0900 - 1130 and 1300 – 1500
Appointments can be made via email at




Passports will be obtained for official travel to locations requiring the use of a passport as per the DOD Foreign Clearance Guide, linked here: DOD Foreign Clearance Guide.  Some locations authorize the use of the Military Common Access Card (CAC) with travel orders or NATO orders.  Members traveling to countries allowing the use of the CAC and orders will not be issued an official passport. The office of Passport and Visa Management does not draft or obtain NATO orders, please see your unit's Administration office for your NATO orders.


To start the process of obtaining an official passport follow the below instructions:


Fill out the Request for No-Fee Passport Form, linked here: CG4650


Go to the Department of States website, linked here: Travel.State.Gov


Review the instructions and reasons for the different applications. Select the application that best suits your circumstances. Fill out the appropriate application. It is preferred that this is  done online and printed.  Do not print the application double sided, each page must be a separate sheet.  Hand written applications are acceptable.

DS11- Use this form if:


1) you're a first time applicant for a US Passport

2) your passport was issued before you were 16 years of age, or

3) the passport was issued more than 15 years ago.


This form must include an original birth certificate (no photocopies),  a photo copy, front and back of your CAC card and appropriate photos (photo information is in the next section). You must see a CERTIFIED PASSPORT AGENT if you use this form. The agent will review your package for authenticity and administer you an oath affirming your U. S. citizenship, then seal the package and sign the seal. Coast Guard agents will forward the application to DCO-I for you. Post office employees or clerks of the court who are certified by the Department of State as passport acceptance agents will hand the package back to you and you will then need to send the package by Fed Ex to DCO-I.  The Coast Guard has over a hundred Official Passport Acceptance Agents (OPAAs) stationed throughout the Coast Guard.  Please visit the Foreign Travel Site on CGPORTAL to view the list of OPAAs to find one in your area.  If you do not have an OPAA in your area, passport agents can be found at DoD Commands, the U.S. Post Office, and Clerk of Courts.  DO NOT sign your DS-11 application until you are in the presence of a Certified Passport Agent.


DS82- use this form if: you're a current holder of a U.S. Passport (tourist of official) and it was issued after you were 16 years of age or older and it was issued less than 15 years ago. This form must include the passport you are using for citizenship documentation and appropriate photos (photo information is in the next section).
Mail all forms, photos and citizenship documentation to the address provided at the top of the CG-Form 4650.  Do not mail your package to the Department of State, Department of Homeland Security, or Department of Defense.  If you have your passport application (DS-11) executed by a certified passport agent, it MUST be sealed.  The CG-4650 should be single stapled to the outside of the sealed envelope and then placed into a mailing envelope and mailed to CG-DCO-I.


The processing time for a complete and accurate application is approximately 4 to 6 weeks.  This time line is established by the Department of State and can fluctuate due to the volume of passport applications they are currently processing. Applications received during the months of January – May generally take to 6-8 weeks due to the high volume of passport applications being processed for the military transfer season.




You must NOT be in any type of uniform for your photo, to include issued PT gear.


Headgear is NOT authorized in photos, to include hats, glasses, sun glasses or hoods.


A plain white background is required for passport photos.


This is an Official Passport and personal presentation should reflect professionalism. Neutral attire, men clean shaven, women in modest cosmetics and jewelry, if at all.


Photos should be cut to size and only the necessary number of photos should be sent. One photo should be stapled to the DS application and one should be paper clipped to the entire package.


Photos should be in clear focus.


The photo subject should fill the frame of the photo appropriately as outlined on the Department of State's web site.


The photo subject's eyes should be visible, no squinting, blinking or glare from eye glasses obstructing the view.




To request a no-fee visa for your official passport, please fill out the Request for a No-Fee Visa Form, linked here: CG4650a


The newest APACS Requirement ALCOAST is linked here: APACS ALCOAST


A handy foreign travel checklist has been created for your use and is linked here: Foreign Travel Checklist