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Motor Life Boat 47-Foot MLB

International Affairs (CG-DCO-I)

The 47 ft Motor Lifeboat (MLB), in service with the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG), is designed to perform heavy weather rescue in hurricane force winds and 20-foot breaking seas. This all-aluminum marine innovation withstands impacts of three times the acceleration of gravity, and can even survive a complete roll-over, self-righting in less than 10 seconds with all machinery remaining fully operational. Th47 foot motor lifeboat drawinge MLB is available in the USCG 47-ft. configuration or a commercial 52-ft. design; this versatile craft is attracting international attention for use in search and rescue, patrol, firefighting and other law enforcement and paramilitary activities.

Naval architects at the USCG Engineering and Logistics Command in Baltimore, Maryland designed it as the Coast Guard's next generation of heavy weather multi mission craft, and together withTextron Systems (the MLB manufacturer) over 100 MLB's have been built, with more to be constructed. The MLB is well suited to adverse weather and sea conditions and provides a safe environment for a crew to complete a mission effectively.

The MLB carries a mix of equipment to carry out its many missions. For towing other vessels, it has 900 feet of 2 3/4 inch and 600 feet of 2 inch towline for towing astern and side lines for alongside tows. Vessels that are taking on water can be pumped out with a portable diesel operated pump that is carried on board.

The MLB includes 4 control stations (two on the open bridge and two in the climate controlled enclosed bridge). Also included are amidships retrieval ports for easy personnel recoveries, boardings and rescues, and bridge windows designed for low glare and protection from wave action, as well as all stainless steel fittings for corrosion resistance

Physical Characteristics47 foot motor lifeboat schematic drawing

Operational Characteristics

Electronic systems

Communication:photo of 47 foot bridge

Navigation Systems:

Control and Alarm:


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