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Fast Response Boat 42-FOOT (Arch Angel)

International Affairs (CG-DCO-I)

SAFE Boats International is a manufacturer of boats for use in a wide variety of applications including military, law enforcement, commercial, and pleasure.  They have designed and are currently building one of the largest Response Boat fleets ever to been procured by the United States Coast Guard. 

Picture of 42 foot boat This larger Arch Angel enclosed cabin model - is based upon both the successful Response Boat Small program for the USCG and the United States Marine Corp Small Unit Riverine Craft (SURC) program.  The boat was designed as a highly maneuverable, rapidly deployable, high-speed patrol craft for coastal patrol, littoral and riverine environments with an open ocean capability.  With expanded range, advanced sea keeping ability (provided by an Patented, high-strength solid cell polyethylene foam collar that provides stability, redundant buoyancy, and small-arms ballistic protection), the Arch Angel was designed to cover a broad operational environment  (Air temperature from 20 to 125 degrees F in fresh, salt, and brackish water temperatures ranging from 33 to 95 degrees F, Fully operational up to Sea State 3) as well as support sustained operations and harbor patrol.  Overhead spotter windows; Port & Starboard sliding side doors provide exceptional visibility and enhance communication, air circulation and provide multiple points (4) of ingress/egress.  The cabin also has large easily accessible stowage areas and V-berths forward for possible extended patrols. 

SAFE Boats developed unique features rare in this size class of boats including:

Boat Characteristics

Physical Characteristics:

Operational Characteristics

Electronic systems:


Overhead view of 42 foot boat diagram Side view of 42 foot boat diagram
Side view of 42 foot boat diagram with cutaway
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